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Gogglebox fans fume over lack of tribute to cast members who tragically passed away

Gogglebox fans were left disappointed after tuning into the new episode only for there to be no tribute made to Mary Cook, Andy Michael or Pete McGarry, who all passed away this year.

Tonight saw the return to Channel 4’s hit series with series favorites Jenny and Lee, Sophie and Pete Malones.

In the premiere episode of the new regular series of the popular, award-winning show, there was not a single tribute to the cast members who have passed.

Celebrity Gogglebox last Friday saw tributes to Mary Cook, Andy Michael and Pete McGarry at the end.

Image of Gogglebox's Peter McGarry with wife Linda and her son George
There was no tribute paid to Pete McGarry on this week’s episode or on last week’s Celebrity special

One Twitter user commented: “Very poor there from @C4Gogglebox @Channel4.

“No tribute whatsoever to any of the three cast members who have recently passed away. #Gogglebox”

Another tweeted: “Tonight’s episode does not mention the deaths of three #gogglebox cast members. @Channel4’s poor form is truly shocking.

“A 5 second dedication at the end wouldn’t have taken much eh??”

Gogglebox's Mary Cook
Mary Cook passed away at the end of August and her best friend Marina has taken a step back from the show

The new season began in the shadow of the recent news that the show has sadly lost three members of its cast.

However, the new series opened with footage of Sophie and Pete’s baby.

Mary Cook from Bristol, at the age 92, has died. Marina, her pal, and their close friendship and humor kept fans amused.

Marina, Marina’s dear friend, has passed away. The cause of her death has not yet been revealed.

Andy Michael, the much-loved dad of the Michael family, passed away in August.

Image of the Micahel family regulars on Gogglebox
Much-loved dad of the Michael family died last month

The Gogglebox team announced that his Brighton based family – including series regulars wife Caroline, daughter Alex and son Louis, as well as the other family members Katy and Pascal – will not return to the show.

Andy passed away last month with his family.

Pete McGarry, who had starred in the show alongside Linda Gilbey’s son George Gilbey, was also a cast member.

Pete and his family were loved for their hilarious remarks, loving relationship with Linda, and the iconic moment when George accidentally flipped his shoe onto Pete’s chippy tea.

One fan added on Twitter: “Where was the tribute to the two lost cast members at the end of tonight’s episode? Have I missed something elsewhere?

“I am very surprised by @Channel4 if nothing has been done.”

Gogglebox airs Fridays on Channel 4 at 9pm

Gogglebox fans fume over lack of tribute to cast members who tragically passed away
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