Glow Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer and Everything Else

Marc Maron, Alison Brie as well as the beautiful ladies who wrestle and tussle in Netflix’s Original Glow are back. Glow is straightaway heading to Las Vegas for the third season run.

The season finale of the second season felt that the show is coming to an end. However, this is not true; the second season was not the final note for the series. According to the sources, the third season of the show would premiere on the 9th of August 2019. The girls are back with a bang, and they are heading to the famous Sin City.

Glow is back with a bang

The showrunners and the network did say that the show had its finale in the second season. However, the cancellation of the show did not live for a long time. The showrunners and Netflix did confirm the return of the show via the official Twitter account of the series.

The highlight of the second season was that Ruth Wilder aka Alison Brie and Debbie Eagan did try to mend their complex and coherent friendship. Now, the fans are excited as to where Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, the showrunners of the show will take the audience.

Netflix’s Glow showcased some flashy images of Season 3

The renewal of GLOW came into being after Netflix put the announcement out in its See What’s Next account. Netflix came out with multiple pictures, including a few flashy Vegas Scenes. Chavo Guerrero, the wrestling co-ordinator and the guest star said that the filming of season three was done in February 2019.

Netflix, along with the showrunners, also came out with a trailer of the third season. The trailer came into being back in June. On the other hand, the trailer did excite the fans a lot. After a long time, everything seems to work out in Ruth’s favor.

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