Glitch Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Plot , Cast & What to Expect

Netflix is the paradise on earth for the web series lovers. It has produced some scintillating shows over such a small time span and has never failed to impress the audience around the globe with its offerings.

Netflix is again collaborating with the makers of Glitch for the release of the final season of Glitch which will be back on Netflix after a gap of 4 long years. The first season of Glitch was launched on Netflix in 2015 very soon after its release on ABC TV in Australia.

It is officially confirmed that this is going to be the final season of Glitch, the plot will find its ultimate endings in this season.

Glitch Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Plot , Cast & What to Expect

Plot of the series

It is based on the lives of six people, who all go dead in different circumstances, in case you’ve never watched before. These people return from the dead to investigate upon the causes of their sudden death. The whole story is based on them trying to figure out what must be the cause of their death, working on multiple theories of possibly what could have gone wrong which advocated for their death.

This season will witness some new star cast, Some of the new cast members for season 3 include Dustin Clare who’ll play Mark Clayton-Stone and Jessica Faulkner who’ll play Belle.

Production of Glitch season 3

There’s not much officially available about the show, we have tried to gather whatever we could. The shooting for the final season started in September 2018, and it didn’t take too long for the shooting of the entire season the shooting was wrapped up in December 2018, which was considered quite quick keeping in mind the complex twists and turns the story possesses.

Glitch Season 3 Release date

The show will definitely get on the air in 2019 considering the fact that the shooting wrapped up in 2018 itself.

The show is all set to release in Australia in September this year so you can expect it to be released on Netflix a couple of months after it’s release on Netflix.

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