GGC Banner Login Portal Online at

GGC Banner Login: As a college student, it’s essential to have access to the different learning materials the lecturers provide. Today, most of the learning facilities in the country have an online portal where students can log in to submit assignments, monitor timetables, and even know their grades at the end of the semester.

One such facility with one of the best online portals for students is Georgia Gwinnett College. The college has a portal dubbed Banner GGC that allows students to keep tabs on their classwork by login in using their laptops, PC, or smartphone. 

The college is located in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, Georgia. The college has approximately 11,000 students and offers several undergraduate courses such as Business Administration, Cinema and Media Arts Production, Environmental Science, and Criminology.

GGC Banner Login Portal Online at

Top Reasons Why You Should Have a GGC banner login Account

  • Ability to check your exam grades remotely
  • Submit projects and assignments to the lecturers with ease
  • Easy access to the course schedule
  • Ability to seamlessly communicate and collaborate with your classmates and teachers
  • Get timely updates from the college administration
  • Access to eLearning materials

The portal is regularly updated to keep students informed about their courses. For example, you can review the course schedule to develop robust weekly or monthly plans. The eLearning materials are downloadable on mobile and computer, but the device has to be connected to a reliable internet connection.

How to Access GGC Banner Login Portal

There is specific student information that you must submit to access your Banner GGC account. They include;

  • The official Banner GGC login website URL
  • Your duly assigned User ID and pin
  • An internet-enabled PC or smartphone
  • Stable internet connection

The login details are issued when you first create the account. Therefore, it’s prudent to write them down for future reference. Use a pin that is easy to remember but not too obvious to prevent other students from accessing your account.

How to Login to Your Banner GGC Account

Login to your Banner GGC account is simple. You don’t need to contact the support team if you have the required credentials.

  • Connect your smartphone or PC to the internet and open Chrome or Firefox browser. 
  • Enter the official Banner GGC website URL and hit the enter button on your keyboard.

GGC Banner Login

  • Type in your User ID and pin 
  • Click on the “Login” button to access your account

How to Reset Your Pin

Apart from your User ID, the pin and email address linked to your GGC account are super important. The two will help you regain access to your account if you forget your pin. Luckily, you can easily reset the pin by following the steps below;

  • Open the browser on your preferred internet-enabled device and visit the portal.
  • Submit your User ID, then click on the “Forget Pin” option
  • Follow the instructions that will be displayed to get a new pin

The new pin will be sent automatically to your email address. Sometimes, you may be required to confirm the email address to complete the process. Below are some common questions from other students about Banner GGC login.

What exactly is the GGC Banner Pin?

The initial GGC banner pin you will get is your date of birth (month, date, and year). It’s a 6-digit pin that you can change later to keep your account secure.

Does the learning institution offer any form of GGC orientation?

Yes. Georgia Gwinnett College offers a one-day orientation for all new students. You will be taught the importance of having a GGC account and how to use it.

Is it possible to drop out?

Yes. You can drop out from the classes offered at Georgia Gwinnett College by accessing your Grizzly Den in your Banner GGC account and selecting that option from the menu. Your course academic calendar indicates the dates you can drop or add classes.


A GGC Banner login account will make it easy to keep tabs on your course and enjoy eLearning. However, even though the portal is 100% secure and encrypted, ensure you don’t share your login credentials with anyone to keep your academic information private. 

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