George McQuinn Skiing Crash Video Find Out How is He Now?


We are reporting a horrific piece of news that features the 23-year-old skier George McQuinn. It has been coming forward that the famous skier met with a tragic crash which resulted in him getting injured. He was reportedly competing at the FIS Freestyle World Cup, taking place at Valley Resort located in Salt Lake City. During the final jump of the race, George’s head slammed into the ice twice. It happened when a mogul’s racer attempted a leap that could not occur, resulting in the racer being knocked unconscious.

George McQuinn

Footage from the event that occurred on Thursday, January 13, 2022, has come forward, showing what happened during the event. As per reports, George McQuinn, who has participated in the FIS Freestyle World Cup happening in Salt Lake City, slid down the path covered with snow to the finish line. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in the 23-year-old racer getting unconscious. As the incident came to light, the racer’s fans and well-wishers took to social media, expressed their concern for George, and prayed for his well-being. Soon, George started to get trended on various platforms.

Taking the matter into consideration, George McQuinn took to his Instagram, sharing a story. He talked about his “gnarly” crash there. After posting the story, George went ahead to post a picture of himself, too, where his face was seen covered in blood while a smile was plastered on his face. George posed with his thumbs-up, and through that photo, he gestured on his fans about his health not being that critical and that he was fine. George did not stop here as he shared another photo on Instagram and captioned the post with “Thank god for helmet technology.”

According to The Salt Lake Tribune reports, George McQuinn was immediately taken to the Team USA medical personnel and ski patrollers. As the incident happened, the event was paused for a while. When the event got resumed, Mikael Kinsbury of Canada claimed his 100th Gold Cup Podium. After winning the podium, Kingsbury dedicated the victory to George, saying, “This one is for him.” He said that he knows how vital this super final was for him and that he prays that he is okay. McQuinn happened to be the only American who managed to make it to the super final in the world cup.


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