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Garcelle Beauvais Weighs In On Erika Girardi’s TJ Maxx Debacle

Garcelle Beauvais Weighs In On Erika Girardi's TJ Maxx Debacle

Erika Jayne may be a Maxxinista, but fans are not amused by her shopping spree. While Garcelle Beauvais gave her opinion on “The Real,” it’s the fan reactions to both Garcelle’s take — and Erika’s clothing haul — that are almost too hot to handle.

In the comment section of “The Real” clip, one fan referenced Erika’s serious legal troubles, which include accusations against her estranged husband, attorney Tom Girardi, for allegedly stealing millions from victims of a plane crash. Erika and Tom are also being accused of using Erika’s company to embezzle the funds. Erika denied any involvement or knowledge of the case. They wrote, “The uproar isn’t because she was shopping at TJ Maxx. It’s because she’s being accused of fraud and stealing hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars from victims of crimes. This is all just a PR move for her to gain sympathy.” Another added, “I don’t think people want to see her suffer. I think people want her to take responsibility. Even if she shops at TJ Maxx, it’s still her spending other people’s money.” One fan penned, “Considering her husband stole millions of dollars and they’re investigating if Erika got supported by that money that’s why people are going insane over. She shouldn’t be shopping.”

As for Erika? The comments aren’t getting her down, as she tweeted on September 15, “I shopped there for years … Stop overanalyzing my life.” It’s clear Erika wants critics to mind their own business, but we secretly hope she shows off her TJ Maxx haul.

Garcelle Beauvais Weighs In On Erika Girardi's TJ Maxx Debacle
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