Game Playtesting: The Importance For Your Game

Playing different types of games is the number one hobby for most teenagers now.  Due to this, it’s the top reason why the gaming industry has grown so much and will continue growing in the future. However, certain considerations must be managed when the game is finally finished.

When a gaming product is done, the developers focus on how they can get rid of errors, bottlenecks, coherence, inconsistencies, and bugs. Hence, they bring their product first to game testing services to examine and ensure its success before releasing it to the market. Additionally, aside from these factors, game playtesting will allow the game developers to determine the potential risks that they will bring to the market.

Importance Of Game Playtesting

As mentioned above, game playtesting allows every developer to know what might be the possible errors or risks of their game. These are:

  1. Does your game give an outstanding experience to your target audience, such as teenagers?
  2. Does your product have a complemental player-centric outline?
  3. Does your game provide an exceptional fun factor to customers playing it?
  4. Is your game too easy to control?
  5. Are there any possible technical errors in your game, or is the background music working?
  6. Does the visual design of your game attract customers?

Now that you’ve finally known the importance of video game playtesting, it’s also vital to know that most game developers of large companies do third-party testing.  Due to this, it will become a necessary option if the third party will provide their services at a suitable price. 

Additionally, this will be a good advantage for game developers since they don’t need to test particular games anymore. Therefore, developers can spend their time on activities requiring immediate attention when settling for outsourced testing.  Lastly, if a third party offers a game testing service, they will give you an unbiased review of your game.

Functional Test

This testing mode is used to troubleshoot game graphics issues and content and verify if the final product meets the requirements and specifications. Functional testing is a very complicated and serious step as it takes more time to determine other issues such as audiovisual and graphic errors. The primary goal of this test is to ensure the game itself will become compatible across different devices. However, functional testing isn’t perfect as its only be performed on the product’s final version.

Tolerance Testing

The tolerance game testing services are being done at all stages of a game’s development, and it’s also known as smoke testing. This test will help to determine the incompatibility problem with any game areas, such as the third-party parts or the integration with the device by end-users. This test is significant as it will run the game stable and smoothly on different devices.

Below are some of the important impacts of video game testing on developers and users too.

Quality Assessment

Every game developer gives their best to bring an exceptional experience to their customers by having a well-developed and perfect video game. Hence, the easiest way and their best option are hiring a professional game tester to get the job done perfectly. A quality assessment will determine the potential loopholes in your game and examine any possible defects.

Video Games Ranking

Game testing has a significant impact on the rankings of a specific video game.  If a new game is about to be launched in public or in the market, testing the game will profoundly attract gamers and how they will look into it. Secondly, when game testers are applied, the professional tester will give a detailed list of parameters before making the final decision.

Identify Improvement Areas

As we explained above, all video games are subjects to be upgraded while they are in the market. Traditionally, most game developers are also thought of giving out sequels on their game and will, later on, become a sequel. Hence, this will allow game developers to know which areas in the game is needed to be improved.


Every test has a significant impact on your video game products. That’s why you must follow all the requirements needed to release your final product in the market perfectly. In this way, your customers will appreciate and be satisfied with your product. 

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