Game Design: How Junglee Rummy Created an Immersive Game

Creating a game from scratch is a challenging procedure as it requires not only skill in game design, graphic design, and programming but also in-depth knowledge of the needs and desires of players. When the internet revolution happened, big tech companies saw a great opportunity in online gaming and started creating online games. Right from action-packed games to skill-based games, everything was provided online to players. As the competition in online games increased, it became crucial for developers to focus on game design and user experience.

Game design became an integral part of creating any immersive game. It became a challenge for developers who wanted to work on traditional games like rummy to stay on top of the new game design trends and keep the essence of the traditional games intact. Mobile gaming apps like Junglee Rummy realized that artificial intelligence isn’t just a thing of science but something that has lodged itself into the fabric of our everyday lives. The company focused on delivering the best user interface to make Junglee Rummy an immersive online game.

Junglee Rummy

What is game design and why is it important?

Game design is the appearance and functionality of a game. It sounds simple at first but if you dig deeper, you will find that it is essential for a game developer to concentrate on every small detail while developing a game as it will later positively or negatively impact the user’s experience. 

Very few online apps like Junglee Rummy have been successful in providing players with a good level of engagement and great entertainment. It is important for developers to keep in mind that players want to have a fun experience. The game should serve as a temporary distraction that transports them to a different world where they can have some fun time. 

Junglee Rummy and its successful game design

There are certain design principles that all brands follow to keep a strong footing in the current digital world. To make it a successful, loved, and trusted game, Junglee Games, the developer of Junglee Rummy, focused on making the website and mobile application seamless and user-friendly. For a design to be truly effective, developers should know the judicious use of colors and typography for starters. To deliver the message to its players correctly, Junglee focused on creating an interactive design architecture with which players can easily connect. 

Some of the major design principles that Junglee followed to create a standard game design for the online rummy industry are as follows:

#1 Innovative and thoughtful design

Innovative and thoughtful design for gaming platforms does not necessarily need to be fancy. It should be shaped and crafted based on a thorough analysis of the market needs and insights into consumer behavior. To develop an immersive gaming environment, Junglee worked with reverse psychology. It started with what the user wanted and created a product to meet those demands. The end product is a gaming platform that is not only liked by the players but also treated by them as their very own game. The color schemes, along with game avatars, provide players with a unique experience.

#2 Unique and tangible

Creating a tangible product for today’s market has become a task. With ever-changing trends and plenty of content available online, the competition in every sector has increased drastically. So it is essential for every product to have a unique voice and feel to it. 

Junglee studied the market and created a brand that Indian players can easily connect with, both visually and physically. The 3-D rummy game tables on Junglee Rummy App provide players with a real world-like gaming experience in the comfort of their home or wherever they may be playing from. The desire of players to play on elite platforms has been consciously accommodated in the game tables and gamer avatars. One can easily choose a unique avatar that suits their personality and play at the most luxe online rummy tables.

#3 Simplicity in design and a seamless user interface

Many developers have failed badly in the digital space, not due to their lack of design expertise or knowledge but due to the complexity of their products. Achieving simplicity in design is a challenging task. A successful game design is one that lets users interact with the game without any hassle and makes it fun to play the game. 

While playing on Junglee Rummy, one notices the developers have given utmost importance to creating a seamless interface. The app delivers the brand message with great clarity without creating any convoluted memos. All the screens in the game are neatly designed and serve their purpose well. With detailed yet simple game design, Junglee has successfully created an immersive gaming platform where gamers can have fun whenever they like.

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