Gaddalakonda Ganesh – Valmiki 3rd Day Collection / Day 3 Box-Office Collections

By the looks of it, Gaddalakonda Ganesh aka Valmiki did have a very successful run in the box-office collection during the first weekend. People who are in deep love with the film are wondering how much the film had made on Sunday. The numbers as far as the box-office collection of 3rd day is concerned is out.

So far, the film did receive a massive positive response from both critics and the audience. It is very important to note that in the first couple of days, the stardom of the cast made it successful. However, according to the audience on Sunday, they are in love with the filmography and the concept of the film.

Day 3 Box-Office Collection of Gaddalakkonda Ganesh / Valmiki

Valmiki Day 2 Collections

The box-office collection of Valmiki

Nizam + AP: ₹ 6 Crores in Gross and ₹4.5 Crores in share

Nizam: ₹2 Crores in gross and ₹1.6 Crores in share

Rest of the World: ₹1.4 Crores in Gross and ₹0.7 Crores in Share

The total box-office collection of Valmiki on Day 3: ₹10 Crores in Gross and ₹7.1 Crores in share

Moreover, the film did collect around ₹19.4 crores gross on the first day of its release. Furthermore, this makes the film collect around ₹29.4 crores in ten days. So far, the film is on the road of collecting around ₹25 crores. It is a great piece of news that the film did have a massive opening as well as the weekend.

**Note: It is important to note that the figures are the early estimation reports. On top of that, the data originates from several sources. There is no guarantee that the collection is accurate. The film will go drop a tremendous drop on Monday as the weekdays are about to begin.

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