Free streaming is convenient but also risky

Technology has evolved considerably, allowing people to use their devices to stream content. TV channels are slowly becoming a thing of the past as online streaming platforms are becoming increasingly popular among Internet users. In fact, experts state that it won’t take long until websites overtake traditional media services. The best part is that so many options are available for different types of content. For instance, some of the best movie streaming platforms are HBO, Netflix and Amazon. Many people pay subscriptions to watch exclusive TV shows and movies, but there are also those who stream content for free. This may sound like a great alternative – after all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy music or a movie without having to pay for it? 

However, this convenience comes at a price. Cybercriminals can take advantage of it to steal your information. They are constantly evolving their tactics, and they sometimes even succeed in exploiting VPN components, leaving streamers exposed to malware, phishing, or spyware attacks. Identity theft is a significant threat to streaming platforms. For instance, after being targeted by hackers, Disney Plus had thousands of its accounts compromised. Many millennials share passwords without considering the potential threats, but it’s imperative to be aware of the risks and take steps to avoid them as much as possible. With that said, here are some security guidelines to consider.

Free streaming is convenient but also risky

Use reliable services

Safety should be your top priority when visiting a streaming website, as hackers always look for the right moment to get their hands on your information. While it’s true that free websites help you save money, they likely aren’t worth the risk, as you could easily fall victim to a cyberattack. The best way to avoid security threats is to use official platforms that work with companies launching a movie or TV show. Besides ensuring the protection of your data, these services also offer a wide range of titles. So, whether you want to watch the latest movies or stream your favourite old series, there are endless options to choose from. Plus, high quality is also guaranteed!

Moreover, using a VPN when streaming shows or movies on these platforms comes with a great advantage. Suppose you want to watch a Danish TV show on Netflix, but it’s not available in your area. In that case, a private network allows you to set Denmark as your location and, thus, enjoy the content! The best part is that this option is 100% legal.  

Protect your data

Streaming service websites collect your data via their signup procedures. For example, some of them ask for your date of birth, bank account information, date of birth, and so on. Most websites require a subscription fee from users, whether monthly or yearly, which means you must share your data to proceed with the payment. You should always be wary and avoid registering unless the website provides secure checkout. Suppose you’re using a free platform for streaming; you should never give out your information, as this can put your identity at risk. 

Over the years, cybercriminals hacked several streaming platforms, impacting millions of users’ accounts. The consequences of a data breach are devastating for victims, leading to financial and mental damage. However, you should know that you are entitled to claim your losses if you have evidence of the breach. You can learn more about how to claim for a data breach by visiting

Use Ad Blocker

Online ads can be bothersome, especially invasive ones that come from unreliable websites. Since they disrupt the broadcasting experience, many people use ad blockers to get rid of them. But besides boosting your streaming experience, eliminating ads is a practical way to enhance your online security. Hackers launch their attacks in many ways and have found online adverts very appealing.

They infiltrate devices easily by using ads – even on official websites. Hence, consider using an ad blocker to remove suspicious ads and decrease your risks of falling victim to a cybercrime. Many browser extensions are available, and you don’t have to pay any money for them. For instance, you can use a popular one like AdBlock to ensure your internet browsing is always private and safe.

Don’t click on external links

When a new movie is launched on popular streaming platforms, a lot of that content will appear to be available for free on different websites. However, most of the time, instead of the movie, you only see short clips or the trailer, and you’re asked to register or click on a specific link. 

None of these options is safe, and you should avoid them every time. Registering on suspicious platforms is always a bad idea because it can put your personal information at risk. Moreover, by clicking on external links, you can infect your device or allow bad actors to access your data.

Keep your devices updated

It doesn’t matter if you stream on Windows or Mac OS. Whatever your system, keeping it up to date is imperative. Operating system developers always release new security features to combat online threats, and these updates can help identify and fix security issues in your system. Hence, they protect your device when streaming or simply browsing online. 

Consider installing antivirus for an extra layer of security, but make sure to update it as well because that’s the only way it can be helpful. Hundreds of thousands of viruses are developed every single day, so it’s paramount to update your antivirus database.

Last words

Online streaming services have changed the way Internet users consume entertainment. It’s easy to find a website where you can watch your favourite movie, but you must always consider security. Viruses, cybercrimes and scams are the most prominent digital threats, and bad actors make their tactics even more sophisticated – all to steal users’ data and identities. Even if you don’t watch a movie on a website, sometimes clicking on it is all it takes to be exposed to threats. 

That said, it’s best to avoid free platforms and use only trustworthy services when streaming online. Even so, it’s still essential to implement security practices, such as keeping your devices updated so you can mitigate possible risks.  

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