Former rugby player goes viral after rescuing a sheep trapped in a wire fence


Former rugby player goes viral after rescuing a sheep trapped in a wire fence

A former professional rugby player has gone viral after rescuing a sheep that was stuck in a wire fence.

Nick Cummins, an ex-Australian rugby player, is now a viral sensation. His heroic actions have won over many new and thirsty fans.

Cummins found a sheep with its head stuck in a wire fence and saved it in a clip that has gone viral on social media.

Cummins decided to rescue the animal by lifting its head from the wire fence. He also calmed it by turning it upside-down and finally using his strength and power to swing the animal over the barbed wire fence.

The sheep then happily ran off into the field, and Cumings saluted it on its way and told it, “you’re welcome”.

While Cummins originally posted the clip on his Facebook with the caption, “In NZ this would have gone down very differently”, it was reposted on Twitter by the account Dudes Posting Their W’s.

This two-minute clip has been shared on Twitter over 12.6 Million times and liked more than 315,000.

Many pointed out Cummins is in fact not only a rugby star but has also been seen on Australian reality TV, including the country’s own version of The Bachelor.

Many thirsty tweets poured in after the viral video went viral.

One person wrote: “this is, without a doubt, the hottest video i’ve ever seen.”

Someone else joked: “*dresses up like a sheep and gets head stuck in a fence*.”

Another said: “I just want this man to calmly and assuredly come free me from whatever existential fence I’m tangled in.”

Someone else commented: “If this is you dm me pls.”


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