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FMCDealer is an online private computer system for Ford employees. Ford Motor Co. commenced the second generation of its web-based dealer communications system., the new system, is a combined Internet portal. Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers were using the old portal in which they had to log into three different sites to connect with the factory. The new system combines all three areas, so the user can only log in once. In addition, all the features and tools of the first-generation system will already be installed, including vehicle locating, warranty, and other details from the factory. 

The FMCDealer login is a channel across which the employees can check their retirement date, confirmation plan, and other employment-related details. Each is equipped with a unique FMCDealer account ID and a secret word. Then, without taking much time, they can access the FMCDealer single login entry.

 It is a responsibility taken by the Ford engine Corporation to systematize the retirement and confirmation strategies for their employees. Accordingly, Ford has indicated a generous procedure for their immediate and anomalous employee with an excessive class of recognition shown at this system from its commencement. 

It is an Authorized and FMC Direct Login Gateway for Ford Employees. The required website is, where the clients need to stop at for making the entry and verify “My card entry.”  

Genuinely, Ford Motor Corporation has started perceiving the demonstration of its representatives and needs to organize their retirement and confirmation plans as per their performance. Passage engines would revive the exhibition of all of the staff. So relax; portage representatives should visit this website and follow the given advances discussed beneath FMCDealer login.


FMCDealer Account Login

  1. To make an account FMCDealer, one must be a recognized employee of Ford and must also know the FMC dealer’s requirement to use this portal. The FMC Dealer is accessible to full-time employees, hourly workers, retirees, and the continuing mate. In addition, the holdings and salaried representatives also can log in to the FMC Dealer website.
  2. You must have the necessary approval to get to the portal. In addition, you must have a user ID or CDS id to create your account.
  3. Other essential things, such as the IP address, must be taken care of.
  4. Open the official website and go to the registration page. Necessary sequential procedures will be available on the screen for registration to be followed for signing in, and your account will be created.

Requirements to login into FMCDealer Account 

  1. The first requirement to log in to the FMCDealer would be an authorized employee at Ford. is a highly protected site. It only allows employees and reliable dealers to connect with the corporation. Unauthorized people would not be able to access the system, which is a criminal offense. 
  2. To login into FMCDealer, you should have a computer and an internet connection. Only then will you be able to open the website online.  
  3. The following two critical things would be to have an FMC account and password. Salaried staff can get entry using their CDS ID and password. If you have both, then there would be no issue. 

Steps to login into FMCDealer Account

  1. The first step while logging in would be to open The login portal would be visible there. Open the login portal.
  2. On the official page of FMC dealer login, you will see an association named “Snap Here,” Tap on the interface. 
  3. A new page will open named FMC dealer single login. You need to fill in the details like FMCDealer Account User ID and password on this page. 
  4. After logging in, follow the methods in sequence.
  5. You can also set up a pin to access it faster. 


How to Directly Access A FMCDealer Account?

This login door to the FMC dealer account is accessed by the customers who give analysis, suggestions, and reviews of the services during their visit. FMCDealer login was only made to help employees. This helps in building the brand image of Ford. 

This FMC Dealer login portal unites the latest news, association revelations, fund distinctions, benefits, benefits that agents can abuse, and more information about login. This section will surely give every minute detail about the FMCdealer Login portal, which can be opened at

Employee benefits

FMCDealer is a secluded online PC structure for Ford employees where they can check the expected doings of the organization about their retirement plans and other monetary benefits likely to receive by Ford. Also, they can find any detail about Ford through this online portal. 

How to reset the password

Password is a mandatory thing required to access the login portal. But what if you forget it? How do you log in to FMCdealer again? Of course, there is a way! 

  1. The first step is to Open FMCdealer’s website.
  2. Click on Dealer, supply, and another login.
  3. Below the login button, you will find password reset links. Click on that.
  4. Fill in the details using your Q & profile; for that, you at least need to be aware of your correct Login ID. 
  5. You can easily reset the password and access your account by doing so. 

There’s another solution to get back to your account. By default, FMCdealer will save your preferences on its own in the c:\Documents and Settings\All Users. So, when you log in the next time, your computer or laptop will use your current settings as login details. Any changes will be in the FMC dealer login portal, which will be recorded and seen in your computer or laptop’s c:\Documents and Settings file. Any changes made by you will be visible on the dashboard.  

Contact details 

The FMCDealer team is available to support and guide the employees whenever required. The employees can also report any errors or problems they are facing. The team will help them out. 


This online portal can help employees to check their activity and retirement benefits. Therefore, FMCDealer helps its employees to a great extent. 


1) Who is the owner of Ford?

William Clay Ford Jr. is the current owner of Ford.           

2) How many employees work at Ford? 

It had 1,90,000 employees in 2019. 

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