Flipkart To Launch Free Video Streaming Platform | Everything You Need To Know

Flipkart an Indian e-commerce company which has been recently acquired by the world-renowned Walmart is about to step into the online video streaming service. Amazon had always been its chief opponent for Flipkart to gain domination on the Indian market. Right now it’s all focused on the video streaming industry which is noticeably gaining momentum in the country by escalating viewers.

Flipkart would initially launch a free video streaming platform before Diwali offering different quality programs to its ‘plus’ premium subscribers. Flipkart’s plus service is similar to Prime in Amazon as it offers free and fast delivery for subscribers. Yet the Amazon version has a lot more to offer such as video streaming music book subscriptions, etc. This venture by Flipkart is to inch in with them.

Flipkart To Launch Free Video Streaming Platform | Everything You Need To Know

India known for its huge appetite for movies is not satisfied if they are not offered with video streaming. So the sources consider it as a huge addition and they will have it soon according to the report.

Right after the launch of Amazon Prime in India in 2016, headed by the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, has received a whopping 13 million or more subscribers as per the calculations of a reliable source. The entry of Flipkart is on such a time that Amazon is plunging its roots farther into the Indian Bingers. 10 percent of all Amazon Prime customers are from India itself.

Flipkart Plus

The point is, for gaining viewership from this much competition is far from easy, but Flipkart has Bollywood in their arsenal and also free of cost. Anyone can become a Plus member by gaining 300 super coins(reward points in Flipkart).

The plus member gets faster delivery, and can further use those reward points for purchasing with a handsome discount from its partner companies including OYO, ZOMATO, etc. One can gain 2 super coins with every 100 rupees spent on Flipkart. In a way, That makes the Video Streaming Service Free.

The fight will be against already successful streaming services in India such as MX Player, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc with millions of users.

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