Flight Attendant Season 2 Must Watch Series if you Like Season 2


Flight Attendant Season 2 of Kaley Cuoco’s suspense show The Flight Attendant is about to soar high on HBO Max. Whenever The Flight Attendant initially aired in 2020, it rapidly became a fan favorite and one of the first real Max originals for HBO’s Max streaming platform.

Inspired by Christopher A. Bohjalian’s novel, The Flight Attendant was developed by Steve Yockey. Cassie, a rash flight attendant with an addiction to alcohol, finds herself waking up in the wrong hotel suite, in the wrong bedroom, with a dead guy with no idea what transpired the next morning. She begins to suspect herself as the killer after being unable to assemble events of the nights together.

A few of the main storylines for The Flight Attendant season 2 appear to include anyone trying to frame Cassie, Megan needing assistance to avert the North Koreans who’ve already placed a bounty on her head, and Cassie working to keep her better beginning together while trying to stay sober. Season 2 is set to release on 21st April 2022, but, not to worry since we have something similar to what you want!

Must Watch Series if you Like Flight Attendant Season 2

In the highly lauded HBO show Barry, retired Marine Barry Berkman serves as a hitman and dreams to be an actor. Barry, unsatisfied with his existence as a hitman, meets a bunch of aspiring actors at a Los Angeles theatrical company and decides to pursue his newfound goal to become an actor. However, for Barry, letting go of his heinous history will be difficult.

Barry has already broadcast two seasons, with a third on the way. It has received several nominations and awards over its brief life, including 30 Primetime Emmy Awards. If you like The Flight Attendant’s dark humor and also how rapidly each episode felt, you’ll love Barry, which is an easy series to finish in one sitting.

Barry, season 3 will release on April 24th. The new season will revolve around how Barry is trying hard to leave behind his contact-killing past, but things are sure to get messy.

In the Dark
Murphy, a blind woman that wanders across life in a cloud of intoxication and sexual relations, leads in the crime thriller In the Dark. Murphy embarks on a stroll alongside her guide dog Pretzel late at night and arrives at what she assumes to be the corpse of her buddy, a young drug dealer called Tyson.

Flight Attendant Season 2

However, when the cops arrive, the body has vanished. Murphy is determined to find out what really happened to Tyson, even though it means putting herself in grave danger. In the Dark, like The Flight Attendant, has a chaotic female heroine as well as a dark comedic mood, as well as a wonderful ensemble of supporting characters, and a gripping primary mystery.

For the 4th and latest season, Murphy is behind bars, and her bonds with Jess, Felix, & Max. Deidrick’s status on the show is also up in the air since her turbulent romance with Max appears to be ended for good. It will resume on The CW in June 2022 for its new season.

Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes, is an unexplainable phenomena supernatural thriller inspired by Sarah Pinborough’s classic novel, that premiered on Netflix in 2021.

Behind Her Eyes, written by Steve Lightfoot of Hannibal as Well as the Punisher fame, is a well-crafted drama that is brimming with narrative twists and surprising revelations. It’s among the most surprising dramas in recent years, and it stars a fantastic Eve Hewson as Adele Ferguson.

Unfortunately, there is no news of a renewal of a new season.

One Of Us Is Lying
One of Us Is Lying is by far the most recent fictional novel to be adapted into a television series. The show is not only entertaining, but it has the potential to reintroduce the crime drama genre to the young audience.

The story opens with five high schoolers from various cliques in detention, The Breakfast Club. Things turn for the worst when one of the kids inexplicably dies after being poisoned with peanut oil. While everyone assumes one of the four people who survived is the murderer, the adolescents realize this isn’t the case and work together to solve the crime.

A new season will soon be aired, but there’s no confirmed date until now. The series will probably revolve around what must have happened to Simon, and the reason he was murdered.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies, a whole other HBO roaring success, was one of the greatest and also most acclaimed series of 2017. Big Little Lies, inspired by Liane Moriarty’s novel, opens with a murder at a prominent public school. In contrast to previous crime dramas, neither the victim nor the perpetrator is disclosed.

The novel then goes back to portray the tumultuous and dramatic lives of a number of upper-class families, each with a first-grader. It’s an amazing show with a few of the greatest movie star performances you’ll ever see on television.

Season two introduces two new key characters, both moms, to shake up what has become a drama about a bunch of guilty individuals attempting to avoid imprisonment. Elizabeth, Bonnie’s violent mother, is a clairvoyant who sees her guilt-ridden girl submerged undersea in her dreams. Season 3 has not issued a release date yet and isn’t likely to until 2023.


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