Five Great Activities for a Summer Party

Hosting a summer party is always a daunting task, especially if many of your friends or family members also throw such bashes.

You may have been very impressed by a recent event you attended, which got you worried about your plans for hosting people in the coming weeks.

Whether you previously threw a summer bingo party or a casual get-together, you may want to spice up your next event to an even greater extent. While the primary idea behind a summer party is to get everyone together and have a lot of fun, ensuring your event stands out can be important for your social standing.

Below are five great activities you can set up for your guests at a summer party.

Five Great Activities for a Summer Party

1. Water Balloon Tossing

If you have a lot of friends attending who are in college or recently graduated, they may be up for some juvenile fun. The best part about summer is cooling off when the weather gets extremely hot, and a great way to do that is by having a water balloon fight.

You may think such an idea is a bit silly, but you would be surprised at how much fun everyone will have during such a game. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, hosting a water balloon tossing game is a perfect idea.

When everyone is swimming or relaxing by the pool in their swimming attire, you can bring out the water balloons and let everyone go crazy. Do remind your guests not to throw any balloons in the direction of your house though!

2. Treasure Hunts

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? You can set up a sophisticated and challenging game for your guests to enjoy, while there can even be prizes at the end for the winning team.

Playing a treasure hunt game is an excellent icebreaker! Treasure hunts can be a great way to get people to bond, which is helpful if you have a party where not everyone knows each other. You can pre-arrange the teams to put people together who may not have met before. 

Even if you put out just five or six different items in various parts of your garden, you can make this a fun game for 15 or 20 minutes. The team that comes first can win a prize, or you can have them challenge the losing teams to a dare. If everyone at your party partakes in alcoholic beverages, the teams that do not win could be asked to take a shot as punishment.

Five Great Activities for a Summer Party

3. Cornhole

Playing cornhole at a summer party is the ultimate American way to celebrate this season. The game is a classic for a good reason, as it is an incredible way to bond with people and have a blast at a summer event.

Setting up cornhole does require some preparation, as you will have to buy a board and beanbags. You can find them at most department stores, or you can order a cornhole set online a few days before your party.

Read up on the rules and consider printing them out as well. Not everyone at the party may be familiar with the game, especially if you have guests who were not born in the country.

4. Drinking Games

When you are getting together with close friends or family, sipping on cocktails or beers and conversing can be better than any game. If you want to liven up your discussions, playing drinking games may be a way to break the ice.

You can make up a list of the drinking games you know your guests will enjoy, such as “never have I ever” or “truth or drink.” These games do not have to be excessively competitive, as the idea is to have fun and get everyone involved.

If anyone at your party does not drink to excess, you can have them sip on soda or sparkling water instead.

Five Great Activities for a Summer Party

5. Card Games

Playing card games is a great way to liven up a summer party. When you are tired of spending time outdoors in the heat, and everyone is gathering on the patio or inside to cool off, you can take out a few decks of cards.

UNO is a great game to enjoy with friends, while you can play poker, blackjack, bridge, or other card games with a regular deck. If you have games such as Cards Against Humanity, those can also be a lot of fun.

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