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Fitness influencer ‘excited’ as she explains why she’s stopped calorie counting

A fitness influencer has revealed why she’s stopped calorie counting as she claimed she was “excited” about the change.

Loz Fitness has 37,800 Instagram followers. She shares nutrition and exercise tips.

Now in one of her latest uploads, she explained why it was time to took “full control of her food”.

She wrote: “From today I’ve stopped tracking. I’m no longer confined by my calories every day.

“I have full control of my food and I’m so excited to start this journey.

“A year ago, if you asked me to delete MyFitnessPal I would’ve been to scared to.

“Too afraid to let go of the self-control and control it exercised over my food.

Loz Fitness
She said calorie counting has been good for her but it’s time to let go

She added how it’s been a “great tool to get into shape” but eventually you become too dependent on it.

Loz continued: “When used correctly, tracking your calories can benefit you.

“It can help you to stay within your calories, eat enough protein, fats and carbs, reverse diet, cut or bulk correctly.

“It is a good thing, as you can see.”

But Loz revealed how there’s a number of things calorie counting can do to you – from binge eating to social anxiety.

“So that’s why I’ve decided to stop, after nearly a year and a half of tracking I feel it’s time to let go of this,” Loz added.

She continued: “I need to be free for a while. I think I eat so much healthier when I’m not tracking – eating seems more enjoyable!”

The influencer concluded her post by telling fans she just wanted to emphasise how okay it is to stop tracking.

She believes it is unnecessary to help you attain your goals.

It was shared over 3,000 times and received hundreds of comments since she shared it.

Loz Fitness
Her post received a lot of praise since it was shared

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One Instagram fan wrote: “Exactly what I needed to read, I have been tracking my food and it has not worked for me mentally.

“I have been feeling so bad about everything I eat, so I also decided to stop counting.

“Thanks for sharing this, I feel better about my decision now.”

Another added: “So proud of you.”

While a third praised: “Oh wow babe you look amazing.”

Fitness influencer 'excited' as she explains why she's stopped calorie counting
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