Final destination 5 Ending Explained!!


The Steven Quale horror movie Final Destination 5 has an ending that needs to be re-discussed, so we’re here to explain. First off, if you’ve never heard of Final Destination, it’s a series of gore movies, comic books, and novels. In each episode, a group of people try to cheat death. Usually, after one of the members of the group has a sudden hunch, a huge tragedy occurs with several victims. While the first group is spared the tragedy, death knocks on their doors in often strange, gory and mysterious ways.

This Horror Franchise Had A Perfect Ending

Final Destination is an innovative series. Because instead of portraying the bad guy as a physical entity, the threat isn’t there. There is no psychopath with a mask and a knife behind the door. Instead, the screenwriters come up with creative environmental conditions to kill the characters. And you have to give them with regard to creativity. While some are scary, they’re all violent, and that’s definitely the hook of the movie.

Final destination end declared

Sam is an employee at a company, and he has a company picnic. Molly Harper, his girlfriend and co-worker want to break up with him over the phone before they meet. Candice flirts with Peter, Olivia talks to the punk driver and Sam talks to colleague Nathan. They travel to 180 Corporate Consulting and Sam has many visions for the future at the start of the journey. While construction of the North Bay Bridge is underway, traffic in their lane will be shut down.


Until a cable comes loose from the suspension, a drum crashing over the road and into the river reveals that it’s a windy day. Something is wrong, and he tells Peter. Meanwhile, we see cracks in the bridge, and Candice falls on the other side of the hole as they rush off the bus. She collides with a torso, which crushes her body and kills her.

It’s Sam’s turn

Isaac is the next to perish and fall into the North Bay River. And chronologically, Olivia, Dennis, Nathan and Sam all come to a harrowing end. Sam returns to reality with the sound of “Dust in the Wind” on the radio. Sam warns everyone, especially Molly, and asks her to trust him. When the couple gets off the bus, Dennis sends Peter to resolve the situation. Candice, as well as Dennis, Isaac and Olivia, follow. They are among the lucky eight to survive the disaster, while seventeen Presage Papers employees perish. But, as a mystery man reveals to Sam at the funeral, death will eventually catch up with him.


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