Fear of the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode Recap and Ending, Explained

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7

Fear of the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode Recap and Ending, Explained

A recap of ” Follow Me. ” 

Fear of the walking dead is an American TV series based on an apocalyptic genre set in Los Angeles. The show consists of a blended dysfunctional family that includes a high school Madison Clark counselor, an English teacher, Clark’s fiancé Travis Manawa, her son Nice – a drug addict, and her son Alicia. Travis’s son Chris, ex-wife Liza Ortiz and the rest of the characters.

Fear of the Walking Dead Season 7

The show consists of 16 episodes in season 7. The first episode, ” The Beacon, ” was aired on October 17, 2021, and the final episode, ” Gone, ” will be aired on June 5, 2022. This article will offer a discussion of the ending of episode 9, which was aired on April 17, 2022. 

Heather Cappiello directed episode 9, “Follow Me.” Firstly, the title ” follow me” directly refers to the protagonist Alicia and her dream. Alicia tells Elias and later the real Alicia to “follow” the PADRE. 

In her dream, she goes on to follow a walker were. She catches it and later recognizes that it is precisely the same walker that had bit her. She also notices that the walker keeps telling her to “follow him” and keeps repeating the word “Padre.” 

She then wakes up from her sleep, and now she is feverish. She realizes she is in a strange house and notices earplugs in her ears. Some music is heard in the background, and Alicia decides to follow the sound and leaves downstairs. 

Feeling strange, she breaks the stereo where the music is played and immediately notices a walker behind a man. Seeing this, she passes out right there. 

It is Paul’s house that Alicia is in right now, who had saved her from the nearby barn, and when Arno arrives, she manages to escape from getting caught. He then talks about his wife and his situation to Alicia, who sympathizes with him and invites him to join her group.

The duo then escapes from Arno’s palm, and Paul is now in Alicia’s company. 

Alicia tries to figure out her dream and realizes that Padra is an indication that she should protect her people. So Alicia then goes on with her instincts for the rest of the episode. 


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