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Family Fortunes’ Gino D’Acampo leaves fans giggling as he makes major pregnancy gaffe

Family Fortunes host Gino D’Acampo had ITV viewers in stitches when he suffered an awkward blunder with a pregnant player.

This Morning’s Gino returned with a new episode of ITV’s family game show. But Gino soon made a big mistake in front of the cameras.

At the start of the show, presenter Gino was introducing the two families who were competing against each other in a bid to take home the big £30k cash prize.

The Collins family was from Surrey and the Napier family were from Nottingham. They had to guess the top answers from UK surveys.

gino dacampo
Gino left fans in stitches when he accidentally told a pregnant player she was “up the fluff” instead of “up the duff”

However, Gino immediately got himself into a spot of trouble when he spoke to one of his pregnant players – and got his words slightly mixed up.

Gino noticed a pregnant participant on the panel when he introduced the Napier family. This was a church-going group that included Janette and bishops Carlton.

Pointing out Tehillah, who was expecting a baby at the time she was appearing on the show, Gino told her that she was “up the fluff”.

Speaking to Tehillah, Gino said: “Tehillah, you are as the English people say, ‘up the fluff’?”

gino dacampo
Contestant Tehillah and the rest of her family burst out laughing at Gino’s gaffe before correcting him on his slang

The whole studio – including both families – burst out laughing at Gino’s error, as they knew he actually meant to say ‘up the duff’.

Both families teamed up as they corrected Gino, shouting to him: “Up the duff!” as poor Gino looked baffled.

Gino then asked the player how she was feeling about the pregnancy, to which she responded: “I’m feeling great.

She then confirmed that she was expecting a baby boy, adding: “He’s ready to come.”

gino dacampo
Cheeky Gino joked that the player should name her baby boy Gino, after him

Gino then joked that she should call her baby boy “Gino”.

Social media users couldn’t contain their laughter and many went on Twitter to share their dismay at Gino’s mishap with the player.

One viewer said: “Up the fluff” as they attached a set of laughing-face emojis.

A second wrote: “F**k’s sake, Gino! As if you don’t know what “up the duff” means!”

family fortunes
The Napier family left the show with £399, but their rival contestants bagged £10k at the end

A third penned: “Up the fluff ffs” as they attached a string of laughing-emojis.

A fourth added: “Up the fluff” with even more laughing emojis.

Later in the show, the Napier family failed to bag the big cash prizes as the Collins family got the chance at the Big Money round – managing to take home a whopping £10k.

However, the Collins family still walked away with £399 as a consolation prize.

It turns out it’s not the first time Gino’s made an “up the fluff” gaffe, as he made the same mistake on This Morning back in 2011 when he told Holly she would “up the fluff”, leaving the hosts in stitches.

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Family Fortunes' Gino D'Acampo leaves fans giggling as he makes major pregnancy gaffe
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