Expert Claims This About Prince William’s Standing In America Compared To Meghan And Harry


Expert Claims This About Prince William's Standing In America Compared To Meghan And Harry

Prince Harry’s rising global popularity is something his brother Prince William must be aware of. Speaking to Newsweek, Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, said, “William will have a challenge because of Harry and Meghan’s success. His challenge will be how he can be seen in a better, more authentic, more loved fashion on a global stage and also align with the things that matter to young people on a world stage. I think William is being outgunned and outflanked.”

Schiffer thinks that it’s essential for William to connect with younger people, which Harry and Meghan Markle already seem to have done. “I think he’s [William] aware of it. His people would be painfully deluded not to be. They’re aware of what’s going on. I would expect there to be a refinement in the execution and media strategy that will allow for greater authenticity, greater emotional sharing and a greater alignment and harmony with what matters to Gen Z and millennials,” Schiffer said, adding that sharing feelings with younger people “connects” them, and that the palace will be eager to establish this connection. “I would never put it past the palace to get him to a state of readiness,” He elaborated.

William still has a long way to go before he can achieve the same fame as Harry and Meghan. With the Earthshot prize, William has plenty to look forward too.


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