Expanding? Three HR Functions that You Should Strengthen


Running a business is one thing; actually thriving as a business person is a whole different story. When success starts coming your way, you don’t wrap it and store it somewhere obscure. Instead, you nurture it and allow it to grow.

But an expansion isn’t a matter to take lightly, even if you have enough money to support it. It must be systematic, and it must be planned really well. To help you, we identify in this article three HR areas that you should pay close attention to as you prepare to expand.

Recruitment and selection

Without your people, your business is practically nothing.  You may have taken care of the plans, but they are the ones who toiled to execute them in the most efficient and effective ways. As you plan to expand, you have to make sure that the new hires are going to be of the same level of competence– if not better– as the ones that you already have. This is where an able recruitment and selection team can come into play. 

Besides skills and competence, the recruitment team should also look at overall personality and attitude. Your company has its own unique culture, and personalities that don’t fit in will only cause discord, no matter how good they are in terms of skills and credentials. 

Training and orientation

Anyone who joins the company, no matter how experienced, needs to be trained or oriented about your company and the unique way that you do things. They must learn about the tools that you are using to monitor attendance, track productivity, organize reports, and all other things. 

If your business relies so much on online presence for revenue and brand awareness, you might also orient them about your online workflows. How do you handle promotions? How are you dealing with 301 redirects? Your trainers must disseminate details about these things to your new employees; after all, it’s the employees that can help drive online campaigns, especially on social media.

They must also know the key people within the organization, even if their work doesn’t require them to interact with these key people on a regular basis.


An expansion may mean the introduction of a new product or service or the widening of your scope as a business. This obviously entails a bigger workload. This larger workload, in turn, requires the assistance of able people. Aside from recruitment and selection, you also need to pay attention to compensation and benefits, especially in filling key positions. Your offer must be competitive and enticing, especially if you are targeting highly competent and experienced professionals. The team must also be flexible and open to negotiations, but definitely not to the point that the company loses. 

When you expand, the team that handles your people must be at the forefront during the preparations. The ideal scenario is to thoroughly prepare the whole HR team. But if you must prioritize, the three identified here are good places to start.


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