Everything You Need To Know About Queens Including Shooting Location & More


‘Queens’ is a play that follows the rise and fall of hip-hop group Nasty Bitches. Created by Zahir McGhee, the piece focuses on the lives of four artists, Jill, Brianna, Valeria and Naomi, who live lonely lives after ending the band two decades ago.

While living a life focused on their career or family, women continue to carry the shadows of the past with them. Mentally embracing the dim glory of their popularity, they met Lil Muffin and Eric Jones, who opened the window for the four women to reunite at the awards ceremony.

Powerful and intriguing, ‘Queens’ is a brilliant drama that re-imagines the nuances of fame and mystery, overlaid with the sweetness of hip-hop music. The series offers a portrait of strong and determined women who struggle with their past and insecurity so as not to get discouraged in life.

Everything You Need To Know About Queens Including Shooting Location & More

In addition to the play, the program also celebrates the vibrancy and enthusiasm of hip-hop music behind the outdoor spotlight. Since we, like you, were fascinated by the attractions of this program, we covered the film studios of ‘Queens’.

The shooting of ‘Queens’ took place mainly in the state of Georgia, but also in Florida. Production of the game driver began on March 15, 2021, and ended on April 8, 2021.

The shooting of the remaining season started in August 2021.

Part of the opening season of ‘Queens’ was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is home to beautiful beaches and luxurious beach life, enhancing the beauty of the city with its deep harbors.

Centered on the banks of the St.Johns River, the city offers a spectacular viewing exhibition and production facilities for filming purposes.


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