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Everything We Know About Robert Durst’s Murder Conviction

Everything We Know About Robert Durst's Murder Conviction

According to The New York Times, Robert Durst is suspected of having murdered three people, including Susan Berman. The outlet reported that Durst’s wife, Kathleen “Kathie” McCormack, disappeared in 1982. McCormack’s relatives have suspected for many years that Durst was involved in McCormack’s disappearance and her death. Both of the other deaths occurred one year apart.

According to the outlet, Durst was not convicted in 2000 of Berman’s death but was charged. And NPR reported that in 2001, Durst killed his Galveston neighbor Morris Black in a “struggle” for a gun, then Durst “chopped up Black’s body and tossed it out to sea.” But Durst was only convicted of “destroying evidence for discarding the body parts,” per NPR.

The New York Times also reported that in 2015, the day before the last episode of HBO’s “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” the FBI arrested Durst on a murder warrant in New Orleans. Since then, the New York realtor turned document star is in custody.

NPR reported that Berman was being prosecuted by the prosecutors. “painted a portrait of a rich narcissist who didn’t think the laws applied to him and ruthlessly disposed of people who stood in his way.”

Everything We Know About Robert Durst's Murder Conviction
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