Essential Tips for Winning at Slot Machines


Online casino platforms such as 918Kiss have made it easier for individuals to enjoy slots from the comfort of their homes. It gives everyone the chance to play, even those that are not familiar with how the machines work. All you do is login and have a blast.

All the fun can quickly turn into frustration and anger after losing a few games, though. We have some tips to increase your odds of winning at the slots.


Pick A Winning Slot Machine

People often play at any slot machine they happen to come across. Never make that mistake. You need to do a little homework about the machine before you commit to a session. 

Find out the Return to Player (RTP) percentage before you select the slot machine. RTP tells you exactly how much money a machine pays out, based on the amount wagered by the players. The statistic helps you determine whether the machine is worth wagering on, based on the percentage of the money it has returned to patrons rather than poured into the profits of the casino. 

Finding the RTP of slot machines online is simple: use a search engine to find out RTP of slot games on particular online platforms. You will be directed to the platform’s website where their RTP will be listed. Look for a machine with a percentage that lies between 95 and 97% for the most favourable winning opportunities.

Check The Volatility Of The Machine

Another factor you need to consider is the volatility of the machine (most machines will have it labelled as “variance”). 

The variance will indicate your likelihood of spinning a winning combination. Machines either have low or high volatility. Low variance results in higher odds for winning but a smaller pot, and high figures represent worse odds with bigger prizes. 

It is harder to find the variance of a slot machine than the RTP. Casinos don’t advertise these figures much, but you can try your luck by searching online. You may have to figure it out on your own by playing the machine. 

If winning is important, play on slots with lower volatility as those with higher variances require patience and risk management. 

Don’t Play Branded Slots

Who doesn’t like to play on a slot themed after a favourite movie or TV show? While these slots are attractive, you are better off avoiding these games if you are hoping to profit from your experience. The developers of branded slots pay a fee to obtain the licenses, which lowers the odds of winning. The machine needs to work for every penny to reimburse its creators, so the odds of winning on branded slots are considerably lower.

Practice, practice, practice

Before you make the jump to real-money slots, practice on free machines to develop an understanding of the game. The experience will prepare you well for when you are ready to wager actual money on machines you find on 918Kiss.

There is no way to make sure you win every time you play at a slot machine. However, you can follow our tips to increase the odds of winning. Be patient and play smart if you want to win at slots.


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