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Eric Trump thinks the mockery of Nicki Minaj’s ‘swollen testicles’ story is an ‘unjustice’

Eric Trump thinks the mockery of Nicki Minaj’s ‘swollen testicles’ story is an ‘unjustice’

There are many things in the world which you could describe as an injustice: racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim ban’… The list goes on.

According to Eric Trump, however – the son of former president, Donald – one “unjustice” is the friend of Nicki Minaj’s cousin with the supposed swollen testicles.

Or, rather, the reaction.

If you somehow missed it, the “Super Bass” singer tweeted last Monday that her cousin in Trinidad wouldn’t get the vaccine because “his friend got it and became impotent”.

“His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl has called off the wedding,” She stated.

The tweet gained even more public attention when it was mentioned during a Downing Street press conference last week, with England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty describing the musician’s claims as “ridiculous” and a “myth”.

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Boris Johnson, the prime minister, added that he’s “not as familiar” with Minaj’s catalogue of music “as I probably should be”.

Minaj later went on to change her Twitter bio to “rudest little madam” following an interaction with Piers Morgan, and shared a voice tweet where she tried out a British accent and said she would “love to send you [the prime minister] my portfolio of work since you don’t know much about me”.

Commenting on the situation on Sunday, Trump told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo: “They’re trying to cancel everybody.

“I have lived cancel culture probably better than any person in the world. They have weaponised the system.

“They have weaponised the media, they have weaponised the legal system, and they have weaponised the judicial system, and they’ve weaponised the military.”

He went on to add that if you disagree or speak out against people, they will “cancel you” and try and arrest or prosecute anyone who does.

“It’s amazing the kind of unjustice [sic] in this country, and America was always this country that stood for equal weights of justice on both sides.

“It reminds me of a banana republic, Maria, it really does.

“This isn’t the United States of America that we are looking at right now. It has to change, and it has to change really quickly,” He stated.

Personally, for the sake of avoiding euphemisms, we wouldn’t use the word ‘banana’ when talking about someone’s alleged swollen testicles, but it’s already being ridiculed on Twitter:

For a story about alleged swollen testicles, Trump’s cock-up is actually rather fitting.

Eric Trump thinks the mockery of Nicki Minaj’s ‘swollen testicles’ story is an ‘unjustice’
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