Enola Holmes 2: Renewal Status Updates And Here’s What We Know So Far


Enola Holmes 2 Updates: Enola Holmes is making it’s way back to the Netflix for the second time with Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown they will be returning in their roles. Filming has been started for the Enola Holmes 2.

The First movie in the franchise Enola Holmes was Directed by Bradbeer and it was released on Netflix in September 2020. Enola Holmes has hold the grip on the seventh most watched English Movie on Netflix.Enola Holmes 2: Renewal Status Updates And Here's What We Know So Far

Who will be see in the Enola Holmes 2?

As we have heard from the sources Millie Bobby Brown will be returning in her role as Enola Holmes with her brother Sherlock Holmes (aka Henry Cavill) with his parter Bonham Carter on his side. there is no confirmed news about any other star cast who’ll be returning in their roles and will we see some new faces in the show?

In the recent interview Bradbeer announced Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill will be returning in their roles as Enola Holmes and we’ll see her brother Sherlock Holmes on her side. Later it was announced that Louis Patridge will be returning for his role, it’s yet to be confirmed.

Production of the Enola Holmes Sequel is yet to be started as it was expected to start in August 2021, but nothing went as planned. we got to know from some sources, the production of the series might start in September 2021.

In the first movie we saw the whole Holmes family got together in the end. In a recent interview Bradbeer shared in the sequel of the movie there will a lot of twist and turns in the family we’ll get the a lot of family drama. As we have already watched in Enola Holmes that the whole country is dysfunctional, you can get the idea how dysfunctional will be the family.

Enola Holmes 2

Recently Henry Cavill shared on his Instagram post that he has complete shooting for his part in the sequel let’s see when the other cast members gives any update on the filming of the sequel.

As we know nothing about the plot of the sequel, but we can assume after saving the lord, Enola gets back into the search of her mother, then she find a hint in the newspaper, how she could reach out to her mother Eudoria Holmes, Enola finds out it was just a trick from her brother Sherlock and Mycroft.

Enola tries to find out is it true that sherlock wants to trick her so she plans to hide as a newspaper seller to know about the sherlock’s plan on the other side sherklock who has already seen Enola’s toy knows Enola was there.

Cast Members Who will be Returning in Enola Holmes 2?

Millie Bobby Brown will be returning for her role as Enola Holmes, and let’s not forget her brother Sherlock Holmes (aka Henry Cavill), Helena Bonham Carter will be returning as Enola Holme’s Mother and mentor Eudoria Holmes, and how can forget Enola’s jiu Jitsu Teacher Edith (aka Susan Wokoma).


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