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Empty supermarket shelves as shoppers miss out on everything from Shreddies to juice

There has noticeably been growing gaps on supermarket shelves that are usually ram packed with products.

This is due to the Brexit and Covid pandemics, which have caused a shortage of lorry drivers.

This has caused delays in many major store deliveries.

Many family favorites are now missing or in short supply at our supermarkets and other stores.

Retailers warned customers to expect problems in the coming weeks, months.

To investigate, HullLive visited a number of supermarkets in the North East region to see what was missing, with some well-known favourites not on shelves.


Empty shelves in Tesco
A number of the shelves in one Tesco were bare

One Tesco store in the region appeared to be having some issues on Friday (September 17) afternoon.

Despite the normal weekend rush, some shelves were still empty, and some of the most popular items were in short supply.

Fresh food was fine, including fresh vegetables, meats, and fish. Same goes for sweets, tinned foods, and dried goods like pasta.

Empty shelves in Tesco
There was only one packet of frosted Shreddies left in one store

But there appeared to be huge gaps on the shelves when it came to popular drinks. Sparkling water shelves were almost empty. There was neither plain or flavoured sparkling water available.

The shelves were also empty of carton juices such as orange and apple as well as juice boxes for children and fruit shoots.

Robinsons Fruit and Barley orange in litre bottles were out of stock, as was dandelion or burdock. Stock of litter bottles of fizzy drinks was also very low.

Empty shelves in Tesco
Choices of washing up tablets were scarce

Choices of washing up tablets were scarce. While the shelves were not empty, there was a noticeable shortage of products.

The cereal aisle was probably the most empty. There was one packet of Frosted Shreddies and a very small amount of Jack’s cornflakes.

It was obvious that there was a severe shortage of mayonnaise.

Although the meal deals appeared to be in a good condition, the hot food counter was empty.


Empty shelves in Asda
An Asda was short on some essential items

An Asda store on Hessle Road had a lot less shortages than Tesco, but nonetheless were short on some essential items.

Around 2 pm on Friday, Pampers baby wipes were not available for purchase.

Juice was also scarce, with limited supply of squash-flavored drinks.

The fruit juices had a sign indicating that all items were out of stock, including apple juice.


Empty shelves in Morrison's
People were grabbing their favourites from Morrison’s before they were gone

One man who works in Hull reported he was stocking up on his items before they “vanished” from Morrison’s in Anlaby.

He was stunned to discover that shelves were empty and he grabbed his favorite items, sparkling water & Coca Cola.

But, he was unable to pick up some essential items earlier this week – leaving his fridge “bare”.

He says that there were large amounts of Coca Cola Zero in Morrison’s but very little standard Coca Cola.

Additionally he said that there was a shortage of sponges and shelves were “generally quite empty”.

Daily Star has reached out to Tesco and Morrison’s in order for their comments.

Empty supermarket shelves as shoppers miss out on everything from Shreddies to juice
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