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Emmerdale legend tipped to be killed off as fans ‘work out’ major Dales death twist

Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla has been busy wreaking havoc around the sleepy Dales village for the last few months – from murdering teenager Leanna Cavanagh to kidnapping babies.

But she could go a step further, as it looks like one iconic soap character could be set to meet a grisly end at Meena’s hands.

Fans believe Meena could bring another character to the show, even though she is currently in Ibiza visiting her sick niece.

Emmerdale legend Diane Sugden could be the one.

This comes after Elizabeth Estensen, who played the role of Diane for 22 years, announced that she would be retiring from Emmerdale.

Diane Sugden actress Elizabeth Estensen has announced she's retiring from Emmerdale
Fans are sure Diane could be killed off

She announced earlier this month: “For the past 22 years, I have loved playing Diane Sugden – she’s kind, reliable and fiercely loyal.

“However, I now feel the time has come to say goodbye. Emmerdale will always be a special place to me.

“I’ve been treated with respect and kindness and I’ve had the very best friends and colleagues, both past and present.

“I’ll miss everyone dearly.”

Actress Elizabeth said she would ‘miss everyone dearly’

Elizabeth has already filmed her final scenes in the soap – and could it be a coincidence that Emmerdale has teased some dramatic stunts involving serial killer Meena?

Some fans are certain they’ve already worked it out, responding to the news on Twitter.

One posted: “Wow, I wasn’t expecting this! Hope she doesn’t get killed off! [Praying emoji].”

“If Meena MUST have a next victim, casting should pick either Matty, Brenda or Cathy. Not Diane! #Emmerdale,” someone else chipped in.

Meena had previously opened up to Diane about her late friend Nadine

A third posted: “My money is now on Meena killing Diane one way or another in the Big Week. What do you reckon?”

While another fan wrote: “Just found out Diane is leaving #Emmerdale so think it’d be a safe bet that she’s going to die in the big October week stunt welp!”

And Meena’s motive could already be sorted out, as Diane is the only person still alive in the villa who knows about Meena’s friend Nadine – who she murdered before arriving in Emmerdale.

Diane believes Nadine killed herself, but Meena murdered her friend and was later found out by Leanna – who then pushed her off.

Meena spoke to Diane about her loss at the salon a few month ago. But will Leanna make the connection and risk her life?

We will only know the outcome when it comes to this.

Emmerdale is shown on weekdays at 7 p.m. on ITV.

Emmerdale legend tipped to be killed off as fans 'work out' major Dales death twist
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