Elimination News for Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Madhumita is safe from eviction

The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil began with an absolute bang as far as the TRPs are concerned. So far, Mohan Vaidya, Fathima Babu, Meera Mithun and Vanitha Vijayakumar have been evicted, and they are no longer a part of the show.

By the looks of it, things got better this week as Sakshi had the chance of becoming the captain of the house once as well. On the other hand, things are looking bleak for the contestants in “Danger Zone.” The Bigg Boss is all about surviving with strangers and bond with them for better or worse.

The elimination is the best part of Bigg Boss

The recent episode of Bigg Boss Tamil said that Madhumita, Sakshi, Reshma, and Madhumita are the unlucky ones. All of these contestants have been nominated to survive the imminent eviction which takes place at the weekends.

According to the recent reports, among all the contestants in the danger zone Reshma and Sakshi and trying hard not to get eliminated. Moreover, the host of the show, Kamal Hassan, made some severe remarks about Sakshi’s behavior in the show. Furthermore, Hassan also put provoking questions right in front of Kavin and Sakshi. The future of Sakshi’s survival in the show is excruciatingly slim.

Madhumita is on the safe side

Madhumitha bigg boss

As the episode was progressing towards an end, Kamal Haasan gave the contestants a task to tie a single tag around the contestants’ wrists facing elimination. However, nobody came to Madhumita’s aid other than Cheran; he tied the label around the wrist of Madhumita. Later, Mr Hassan gave a revelation that all the labels had Madhumita’s name.

Madhumita is well-liked by the fans of the show and the new tactic made sure that Madhumita will be safe for the foreseeable future. Now, only three contestants are in danger, such as Kavin, Reshma, and Sakshi. Stay tuned to get more information about the forthcoming episodes.

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