El Marginal Season 5: Coming Back Soon, Click to know more


El marginal made its last debut for Season 5  on May 4, 2022, on Netflix’s platform.

El marginal Season 5 Last Journey

Coming to its end is El Marginal, after four successful seasons. The series had been officially created by Sebastián Ortega. In addition, it can be considered one of the great jewels of national fiction. The official premieres date for its last chapters is on May 4 on Netflix.

Don’t worry, all are fans will definitely et an end full of adrenaline and action. Also, with the opening of the final card, we will get to know about the destinies of Pastor (Juan Minujín), Diosito (Nicolás Furtado), Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi), and Antín (Gerardo Romano).

All The Characters That Are Coming Back

According to sources, judge María Virginia Piñeyro, played by María Leal. Will come in handy hoping to make life easy for Pastor and Medina (Jorge Prado). Also, Medina, is the head of the Renacidos, a band of religions in Puente Viejo. Officially known to make arrangements with the Borges gang. Their purpose is to collect a mandatory “tithe” from inmates who carry out work tasks.

Good news for Luna Lunati (Maite Lanata) fans. As he is officially making his returns. We all know him from season 1, after being rescued by the Pastor had rescued from captivity in San Onofre. In addition, he has already converted himself into a lawyer. Making a great help to the character of Minujín.

Season 4 Wrap Details

Season 4 aired on January 19, 2022. Leaving the fans in a clamoring position to find out what will happen next in Pastor’s life. Will he be able to escape from the prison in El Marginal Season 5?

For now, the details yet remain in limbo. But the good news for the fans is you all can expect some good news. Seeing from what appears at the beginning of the fifth season. Further, predictions are indicating for him to continue his prison life in the upcoming season. Whatever be the case, there won’t be any miss out on action and drama in El Marginal Season 5.

El Marginal Season 5

The creators of the series are Sebastián Ortega and Adrián Caetano. El Marginal revolves around a former cop Miguel Palacios imprisoned for a false judicial case. In addition, being on a mission to gather apt information. His mission is to find out which gang kidnapped a judge’s daughter during his time in prison. Later, Mario and Diosito also find themselves in prison. Constantly fighting to gain the leadership of the prison.

What To Expect Next For Season 5??

The fourth season entirely revolved around the aftermath of the deadly fire. The incident took place in the San Onofre prison. However, the consequences brought Pastor and the Borges brothers together to deal with them. Resulting, In some heated moments between Diosito and Pastor, creating a tense environment in prison.

Meanwhile, the transfer to the prison also came. Now, they are going from César to another prison led by Sub-21. Emma in the middle of the drama tries hard to help Pastor escape from prison.

El Marginal Season 5, will surely pick up from the drama where the fourth season left off. The show season 3 continues with Pastor’s attempt to escape prison.

Meanwhile, Sergio trying his best to get access to the prison control. Further, we can also get some heated tense situations among the inmates of the prison. Borges brothers and the Sub-21 are sure to have a heated conversation in the upcoming season.


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