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Earth-destroying comet will signal Jesus’ Second Coming – scholar’s bizarre theory

Jesus Christ’s Second Coming will be marked by a massive comet hitting Earth, a bible scholar claims.

Bestselling author David S. Heeren, who has written 17 popular books sold at high street stores, made the bold prediction in an interview with Daily Star.

The scholar has studied end-times events for almost 20 years, but his latest book contains the clearest prediction yet of what he believes the apocalypse will look like.

In “The High Sign”, Mr Heeren predicts it will be marked by an epic “celestial event” in the shape of a giant comet smashing into the earth.

Mr Heeren predicts both a race war and a huge comet will soon come to earth
Mr Heeren predicts an apocalyptic comet will usher the second coming of Jesus

He said: “I believe the evidence of the comet being the sign of Jesus’ return is just overwhelming.

“That’s why my book is so long: there’s just so many different evidence points in the Bible to go through showing that this will happen.

“And Nasa has said there’s nothing we can do about comets.

How the race war and the comet will interact, Heeren isn't sure
Bible scholar David Heeren

“They know what they can do about an asteroid, but comets are so deadly there’s nothing they can do.”

Mr Heeren, who runs spiritual blog endtimesmystery.com, said there will be years of “tribulations” to come with Jesus’ return.

“That word actually means persecution, so it’s even worse than it sounds”, he said.

But Christians needn’t worry about the cosmic chaos, he added.

Humanity will have no defence against a comet of that size, Mr Heeren said
Humanity will have no defence against a comet of that size, Mr Heeren said

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The struggles will be three “tremendously difficult” years long, but only that.

David continued: “God loves us. The Bible reminds us that again and again.”

Either way, if Mr Heeren is right, humanity better strap in for an even more eventful few years ahead.

He’s not the only figure foreseeing a future doomsday scenario.

Wacky preacher Paul Begley last month claimed a new scientific report into the dangers of volcanoes showed Biblical end of the world predictions could take place.

And if that wasn’t enough, the dreaded symbolic Doomsday Clock stands at 100 seconds to midnight.

Earth-destroying comet will signal Jesus' Second Coming – scholar's bizarre theory
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