Dwayne Johnson Starrer Ballers Season 5: Release date, Trailer and More

Ballers featuring Dwane Johnson aka Rock has released its teaser lately with a package of happy news. Read on to find out. Dwane is known for his beast-like (totally sexy) appearance and energy. Now he has proven it yet again. The Season 5 of Ballers is going to be released earlier than expected. With three major films stacked for next year release which are Hobbs & Shaw, Jumanji- The Next Level and Disney’s Jungle Cruise). It proves how much this former WWE-star is enthusiastic about his current career as an actor.

Teaser Trailer of Ballers Season 5


HBO had announced the renewal of the 5th season of Ballers only on the fall of last year. Now the teaser trailer for the upcoming season is already out. Johnson act as a retired NFL player Spencer Strasmore who works as a financial manager for other promising athletes. The teaser released is a monologue on the determined side of his lifestyle.

“People think you’re born with it. But that’s not how it works. It all started with my pops. He taught me how to play the game. I didn’t choose football. Football chose me…I thought I’d always be known as a player. But identity is a funny thing. Just when you think you’ve defined yourself, there’s another chapter.”

When the series moves forward he attends a call from the “Boss Man” according to Spencer himself. Boss Man enquires his current whereabouts to which he replies in a cocky manner,  “you know when football calls, I gotta answer.”

HBO didn’t hesitate to reveal the release date to the expectant fans. The show which is a  sports comedy-drama will return to HBO on August 25. The time is more special because it will be in the middle of NFL preseason which has similarities with the story theme. And it resonates with the dialogue of Dwane in the teaser.

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