Dvdwap Website 2023 – Latest Malayalam Movies Download watch online

Many websites offer free downloading of all the latest movies. But the Dvdwap website is the kind of website that mainly provides Tamil and Malayalam movies for download. So Dvdwap website is an online platform where users can download their desired y Tamil and Malayalam movies for free.

Dvdwap comes under the category of torrent websites that uploads all its contents in pirated forms. All movies uploaded on this website are in HD format to provide users with a great experience of movie watching. 


History Of Dvdwap Site 

This site is launched by its owners to offer free downloading of all movies. Initially, the Dvdwap site only uploaded Tamil and Malayalam movies, but later on, they started to upload all kinds of movies, including Hindi, English, Telugu, and Kannada. So all sorts of movies are uploaded here, and the users can surely explore their desired movies and watch them.

The online streaming of movies is also available on this site, earning it an extra point. This is a torrent website, so downloading movies from this site is considered illegal and inconvenient. More Tamil movies are downloaded from this site compared to other language movies. This site is more prevalent in Kerala and other relevant areas of the south. 

How Does Dvdwap Site Work? 

Many people from undisclosed locations operate the DVD site on the web. Unfortunately, the site’s domain name keeps changing, so people must find the domain name to download movies from here.

A search panel on the website allows its users to search for and download their desired movies. In addition, users can stream or download their favorite language movies on the site—the site uploads 3GB size movies on its page for free downloading. 

Is It Safe To Access DVDwap? 

Downloading movies from the Dvdwap site is not safe at all. These kinds of websites are banned in our country due to legal issues. Dvdwap site violates the anti-piracy law of the Indian constitution, which is forbidden. The government can punish anybody caught downloading or streaming the movies here. Hence, people are advised not to use websites like Dvdwap for downloading movies. 

Is It Legal To Use DVDwap?

No, downloading movies from Dvdwap is not considered legal as the Dvdwap site is a pirated website that uploads its contents in a pirated way. The mode of uploading is not legitimate at all. The government does not recognize these sites, and hence, they are banned. Any indulgence in these types of websites can lead you to adverse conditions that are unsuitable for you. 

Alternatives To DVDwap

Dvdwap site is an illegal website that has potential hazards to its users. In such a case, the users of this website can look for legal platforms to download their movies. These platforms are legalized and also safe to them in all respect. 

Following is the list of legal alternatives to the Dvd wap site, which can be used for downloading movies and streaming: 

  • Hotstar 
  • Amazon Prime Video 
  • Flipkart Video 
  • Mx Player 
  • ALT Balaji 
  • Netflix 
  • Zoom Movies 
  • Sony LIV 
  • Sony Crunch 
  • Jio Cinema 

Specialties Of DVD wap Site 

Several specialties of the Dvd wap site are experienced by the users while downloading the movies of their choice from the site. These features or things are unique to this site. 

Following are the features of the Dvd wap site which make it unique and approachable: 

  • The site features all the latest movies in Tamil, English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. 
  • All sort of movies uploaded on the Dvdwap site is in HD format with excellent picture resolution. 
  • The site contains a search panel to let users search for their desired movies. 
  • Regional language movies are also available on this site. 
  • Downloading movies from here is quite easy. 


As a respected firm, we do not support these websites. Dvdwap is banned and is not legal at all. These websites are just torrent websites that are not safe at all.

The above-written content is only written to spread awareness among the readers regarding such types of sites. Therefore, people should distance themselves from these websites and use legal platforms. We urge our readers not to indulge in such kind websites as they are unsafe and can lead you to awful conditions. 

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