Draughts – What Is This Game All About?


Draughts has been a very popular game since its emergence across the globe and is one of the oldest games in the world. Traditionally, it was being played on the board. But at this moment, everything is getting digitized, and many board games are becoming popular on online platforms. Now, Draughts – online & offline game is available on your mobile phone, and you can download them via Google Play Store. It is a perfect game to freshen your mood with your buddies and enhance your brainpower.

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What is this game all about?

You have always played the checkers game, and the good news is that now it is available both online and offline for free. It is a multiplayer game that allows you to challenge people across the globe for an exciting classic game of Draughts.

It is a highly inspiring traditional game that will keep your entertainment intact for hours and hours. The intuitive touch control maximizes the experience. Within a couple of seconds, you can enjoy checkers right at your fingertip. You can play this highly competitive, multiplayer online and offline game right from anywhere you want and ultimately prove that you are the master of this game.

Also, you can play it offline and online with your friends to improve your play skills.

What are the features of Draughts – online & offline?

So, this highly exciting checkers game is now available right on your mobile phone. Some of the popular features of this game are as follows:

  • You can play against any random player across the globe in the intensifying 1 vs 1 player mode.
  • 5 levels of difficulty are there if you want to play against the computer in offline mode.
  • You can play local multiplayer against your friends as well.
  • Super sound effects and wonderful graphics are offered.
  • Earn your experience and get leveled up for getting access to real-world locations. You can also play in locations like Paris, New York, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, and Amsterdam. 
  • Plenty of unique checker avatars and skins are available.
  • An online chat system is there so that you can chat and play at a time.
  • There is a competitive ranking system that helps you to compete against people from your country and people across the world as well.
  • You can play and unlock achievements for receiving wonderful rewards.
  • A daily reward system is there so that you can claim free gems every 24 hours.
  • From the visual center, you can get 50 gems for free.

What are the supported rules?

  • International checkers (10*10 board)
  • American checkers/draughts (8*8 board)
  • Russian checkers (8*8 board)
  • Brazilian checkers (8*8 board)
  • Spanish checkers (8*8 board)
  • Turkish checkers (8*8 board)
  • Czech checkers (8*8 board)
  • Italian checkers (8*8 board)
  • Thai checkers (8*8 board)


Several cool features will be added to Draughts – online & offline game in the upcoming months. This exciting game is played by several people across the globe and is gaining popularity with each passing day. It makes regular improvements to meet the requirements of the players and maximizes the experience. So, if you are a checkers freak, what are you waiting for? Download Draughts and play it now!


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