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Drag Race UK’s Vinegar Strokes says love life has been ‘very naked and very sweaty’

Drag Queen Vinegar Strokes has spoken candidly about her dating life and confessed it’s “very naked and very sweaty”.

After her appearance on the BBC’s RuPaul’s Drag Race’s first UK edition, Vinegar Strokes became a reality star. Since then, she has had a slew of new love interests.

Vinegar, whose real name is Daniel Jacob, has clearly enjoyed all the attention.

Talking exclusively to Daily Star about his romances, Vinegar said: “Well, at the moment you know when I came off Drag Race and I said ‘I didn’t become a little bit of a sl*g, I became a total sl*g’, I’m definitely living that at the moment.”

Vinegar said she's been getting very hot and sweaty between the sheets
Vinegar said she’s been getting very hot and sweaty between the sheets

She explained: “Because I’m currently in a different country, I can’t really go on dates and stuff because I’m working and I’m in a different country.

“But I can have a bit of naughty fun. I live up to that catchphrase a little more.

“So yeah, if we’re being completely honest, not so much dates but if there’s dates then maybe it’s for a couple of hours and then it’s bye,” She laughed.

She said, “That’s my relationship life, it’s very raw and very sweaty, then bye!”

The star spoke openly about his dating life
The star spoke openly about her dating life

“I do hope to get married one day.”

But as well as the highlights that she’s received from being a popular drag queen, Vinegar also described some of the negative attention and the struggles she’s faced since appearing on Drag Race in 2019.

She said: “For someone who went on to Drag Race and came out third, it’s quite early on, so you do kind of forget.

“I mean look at Bake Off, I can’t remember who went second on Bake Off. For me, I believe I’ve been so fortunate that I have been able do more theatre. I’m currently in Denmark performing in Opera but I’ve been very blessed.”

The star became known to fans for staring in Ru Paul's Drag Race
The star became known to fans for staring in RuPaul’s Drag Race

She continued: “I think the lowlight is the kind of typical thing that happens when you go onto a TV show like Drag Race, everyone’s got an opinion and everyone still thinks you’re the same queen and they don’t see the kind of progression in what you’re doing.

“Two years later, they’ve always got an opinion and the trolls are going to tell you to p*** off and that you’re ugly and this and that.

“So that’s really the lower end of the experience.”

Vinegar will appear in ITV’s Karaoke Club Drag Edition this Sunday. He is excited for viewers and to experience the drama and the glitz and glamour that will unfold.

Speaking openly about what viewers are likely to expect from the programme, the beauty said: “With this one you are getting a mix of people in the pub drinking and doing karaoke but with this one you get the kind of drag night kind of vibe, so you got a good mix of the two.

“I think it’s a bit more camp, a bit more fun and a bit more lively. Razzmatazz.”

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Drag Race UK's Vinegar Strokes says love life has been 'very naked and very sweaty'
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