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Download Sumesh and Ramesh in HD from Tamilrockers

The next Mollywood movie, directed by Sanoop Thykoodam’s, Sumesh and Ramesh’s debut director, is about the rivalry between two siblings. This comedic cat and mouse rivalry star Sreenath Bhasi, Valu Varghese, and others.

Download Sumesh and Ramesh in HD from Tamilrockers


“The film moves forward through the bumbling sibling rivalry against a rustic backdrop, but it’s more than that. Sumesh (Sreenath Bhasi) and Ramesh (Balu Varghese) lead a rather happy life, playing cricket and hanging out with friends. But we see how the duo buries the hatchet and stands shoulder to shoulder when something important happens in the family,” says director Sanoop.

The director continues aside from the fraternal bond, Sumesh & Ramesh explores the mother’s struggle through the brothers’ mother, played by senior artist Praveena.

About naming the film, Sanoop said, “The names Sumesh and Ramesh are quite common in Kerala, maybe more rural. The film was mostly shot in Arookutty in Alappuzha,”

The film is co-written by the director himself, along with Joseph Vijeesh.

The movie comes out on 26e November in theaters.


Download Sumesh and Ramesh in HD from Tamilrockers
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