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The film industry has seen many ups and downs in the past two years. Due to the corona pandemic, there was no cinema screening in the theaters. As a result, the theater industry suffered a period of losses last month. Corona did not allow the second wave after the first wave was over, and other cinemas had to enter the theater. Shortly after the coronation, the state government permitted theaters, but only 50% of the seats were allowed. Even then, the cinematographers did not come to the theater as expected, and the pockets of the theater owners were not filled. Now circumstances are changing. Theaters are ready to buy the cinema as before. The same whistling and clapping are expected to increase this week. Yakandre This week, Andrei Cinera performs for the first time since Friday in the Correa Lockdown in the theater.

Download Kapo Kalpitham in HD from Tamilrockers

In Chandanavan, cinemas are waiting in line for release. The release date announcements have now been released, featuring big star cinema, high budget cinema, newcomer cinema, and so on. There are also plenty of movie theaters coming out in November. So theater owners are happy that a movie is being made.

The Tom and Jerry cinema has already attracted a lot of attention from its songs. The song “Haiyagai Edayolage” was a hit before the film’s release. In the movie, Nishit and Chaitra play the roles of Tom and Jerry. The film is named after a beautiful love story.

Think of Prem’s 25th film Premam Poojyam. Actress Raghavendra directs the movie with a love story.



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