Downfall – The Case Against Boeing: Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer


Downfall: The Case Against Boeing is an American Documentary (2022). The families of those who perished in fatal crashes on Boeing 737 MAX jets in Ethiopia and Indonesia are calling for the Department of Justice to reopen the settlement signed by President Trump that enabled Boeing to avoid criminal prosecution.

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Downfall – The Case Against Boeing: Cast and Plot!

This movie is created behind the outline of the tragedy that had occurred between March 2019 and December 2020. It was the time when two of the Boeing planes crashed mysteriously and happened the death of 346 people. After that, the Boeing 737 MAX passenger airliner was down. When the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration started to resist grounding the planes primarily. They quickly found evidence like a similar accident that happened on 18th March 2019 as 387 aircraft were down.

Downfall - The Case Against Boeing: Cast and Plot!

The ongoing investigation concluded with tragic events. It seems that the investigation has cost Boeing an estimated $20 million in fines, compensation, and legal fees. The company also lost $60 billion from 1,200 canceled orders. In 2021, the banning on aircraft had also been lifted having the planes with certificated with the commercial flights with the United States and abroad.

Downfall – The Case Against Boeing: Trailer and Release date!

Examining the months since the tragedies, which caused global panic in March 2019 after two new aircraft crashed within five months, killing 346 people.
The wait is over folks! It’s finally here! Netflix has released the trailer of the documentary. Check it out here:

Downfall: The Case Against Boeing will get released on Netflix on 18 February 2022. A lot of us assume that airline travel is secure. With 10,000 aircraft operating across over 150 nations, the industry leader Boeing has built its name with a steadfast dedication to safety.


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