Doctor Who Set Photos Reveal David Tennant and Catherine Tate’s Return


New set photos from Doctor Who‘s Centenary Special for the BBC showcase David Tennant and Catherine Tate on set and dressed in their traditional Doctor Who costumes.

The photos showcase Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor, in a traditional Doctor Who-like overcoat, although one that is different from the one Tennant wore during his time on the series. Tate, who portrayed Donna Noble, can also be seen in a couple of videos, dressed in what looks to be a similar outfit to one she wore as Noble in the past.

This suggests that both actors won’t just be appearing in a flashback, but in a scene that takes part in the present day, or in another time period altogether, at the very least.

Check out the set photos featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate below:

The set photos also show off a Tardis — the phone booth that the Doctors use to travel — that belongs to Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor, which further leans into the rumors that fans have had that many of the iconic Doctors would be appearing together on the screen. Elsewhere on the set, Bernard Cribbins — who played Donna’s grandfather Wilfred — can also be seen, which goes to show just how many surprises and cameos the BBC is planning for the upcoming special.

Tennant starred as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor on the hit BBC series during 2005 and 2010, with his run as the Doctor widely considered one of the most popular ever, with the role also catapulting Tennant into superstardom. Catherine Tate starred alongside Tennant as Donna Noble, a former companion of the Tenth Doctor, before moving on to a starring role in NBC’s The Office.


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