Disenchantment Season 2 Part 2 Is Here! Release Date


Disenchantment Season 2 Part 2 Updates: The sitcom is a genre that is getting famous very quickly as a comparison to another genre. We have seen many series or films or animated ones in this genre.

If we talk of any other genre that gets mixed up with sitcoms then it is best with the fantasy. There are many animated series that are released in sitcom versions and there are many in fantasy. But there are only a few that have both, sitcoms and comedies. Among such few animated series, we have Disenchantment on the list.

Disenchantment is an animated series of America. It is a sitcom series as well as of fantasy. It is also a satirical series too with some adventure in it. The series is well created by Matt Groening. Matt has created this animated series Disenchantment for the Netflix release. He has also created series like Simpsons and also Futurama for the label Fox.

It is also developed by Matt Groening as well as Josh Weinstein. The series has a composer called Mark Mothersbaugh.

Disenchantment Season 2 Part 2 Release Date

Disenchantment Season 2 Part 2

The series has two seasons that were released. Both the seasons were divided into two parts in which the second part of the second season is yet to release. The first part of season one came on 17 August 2018. The second part of this season was released on 20 September 2019. Both the parts have 10 episodes in them. If we talk of the second season then the part first released on 15 January 2021 with again 10 episodes.

Every season was of 22 to 36 minutes running time and it will be the same for the upcoming part too. The second part of season two of Disenchantment is going to release on coming 9th of February. It will also have ten episodes in it.

The story is set in a fantasy kingdom. It is of a medieval period and so is the kingdom. It is the kingdom of Dreamland. It is basically the story of a character named Bean. Bean is a rebellious princess and also an alcoholic too. She has the championship of an elf who is Elfo. She has also her own demon. This demon is named Luci. Together they go to different places and on different adventures too.

The casting or the dubbing artist of the series is the same as the first two parts of season one or the first part of season two. We will have the same characters too. Here is the list of the characters and the dubbing persons too.

Abbi Jacobson is the one giving the voice to Princess Bean. Then we have Eric Andre giving voice to Luci, Nat Faxon giving voice to Elfo, John DiMaggio to King Zog, Treas Macneille is giving voice to Queen Ooana, Matt Berry to Princess Markimer.


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