Disenchanted – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

What we know about the release date and more

Disenchanted, also known as Enchanted 2 takes place formally. We finally have a delivery date for the long-awaited continuation.

The continuation was confirmed 10 years earlier by: Disney with plans to bring back the first cast and deliver it in… 2011. That’s right, you don’t have to let us know that this was a liberal benchmark. But actually we realize that the movie is coming.

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It was authoritatively reported in December 2020 as a selective Disney+ movie. In Nov 2021, we have a delivery window for the spin-off. But what could we expect when we revisit this supernatural world?

This is the beginning and end where you really want to get familiar with Disenchanted.

Disenchanted Delivery Date: When will Enchanted 2 be delivered?

Disenchanted - Here's Everything You Need To Know

To the point: Disenchanted ships on Disney+ in autumn 2022. Despite the fact that we don’t explicitly have the haziest idea when we are present.

The statement was made as part of Disney+ Day on Nov 12, 2021. Further accompanied by the amazing news that enchanted was finally accessible to stream on Disney+, two years after the real-time feature aired.

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The sequel was shot from May-July 2021 in Ireland. So as far as nothing goes bad with his after-creation, that autumn 2022 delivery window will be met.

Disenchanted cast: who will return for Enchanted 2?

Disenchanted - Here's Everything You Need To Know

True to form, Amy Adams will return as Giselle in the spin-off. However, we should not be too surprised about this. In 2016, when Shankman previously endorsed. Adams said she “don’t let anyone play Giselle” and confirmed in 2018 that she still “all set for” assuming continuation goes through.

She’s certainly not the only unique star to return, as she will be joined by Patrick Dempsey as Robert, James Marsden as Prince Edward and Idina Menzel as Nancy.


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