Disenchanment 4: Release date, Trailer and more!


Disenchanment is an American animated fantasy satirical comedy series created and developed by Matt Groening for Netflix. The series follows the medieval tale of a drunken rebellious princess of Dreamland Tiabeanie, also known as Bean. Bean goes on an adventurous quest along with her naive and mystical friends Elfo obviously named for elf and demonic Luci.

Matt Groening, Josh Weinstein, Claudia Katz, Eric Horsted, Bill Oakley, Patric M. Verrone worked as Executive Producers while Reid Harrison, David X Cohen, Deanna Maclellen, Lee Supercinski, Jenny Batten, M. Dickson, Rich Fulcher worked as producers for the series – Disenchanment 4

When is the new season releasing? Who are the casts and characters? How many episodes will be there in the upcoming season? Are you interested to know more? Well, keep reading!

Disenchanment 4: Casts and Characters

Abbi Jackson played Princess Bean while Eric Andre played Luci, Bean’s demon friend. Nat Faxon played Elfo, Bean’s Elf friend while John DiMaggio played King Zog, Bean’s father. Tress MacNeille played King Zog’s second wife also Bean’s Stepmother while Matt Berry played Prince Merkimer, the person who is arranged to marry Princess Bean that later turns into a pig. Maurice LaMarche played Odval that is a prime minister of Dreamland while Sharon Horgan voiced Queen Dagmar that is Bean’s mother and also king’s first wife.

Disenchanment 4 : Casts and Characters

Disenchanment 4: Episodes

The series has 3 seasons, 10 episodes each season released on Netflix. The upcoming fourth season of the series will also have 10 episodes, running 22 – 36 mins per episode.

Disenchanment 4: Release date and Trailer

The new season of the series – Disenchanment 4 will be released on 9th February 2022 on Netflix. As for now, Netflix hasn’t released the Trailer for the upcoming season yet, however, if you haven’t watched any of the seasons of this series yet, then watch the trailer below:


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