Dirty John Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Everything You Want To Know!!

These are the times when Podcasts are becoming the new entertainment and information sources for Gen Z. There is no suspicion that these podcasts are producing some fantastic and out-of-the-box content. So the smart lady Alexandra Cunningham found this soon and created an entire show on one of the top crime anthology podcast named Dirty John.

Dirty John

The show had premiered in 2018, receiving mixed reviews but huge attention and creating frenzy all around. As per the initial plans, the show had released two seasons by June 2, 2020, but the fans aren’t done with it yet, and they wonder whether more seasons are coming up. So here is everything we know so far.

Dirty John: Renewal Status and Release Date

The USA network hasn’t announced whether they will be bringing more seasons for the show as initially, the show was planned to have only 2 Seasons. But who knew the show would become one of the most popular and watched shows on Netflix, so given that, we assume that the USA network will do a little change in the plan and renew the show for more seasons. Or else any other network may also pick it up to continue, considering its popularity.

Considering that the network will renew it soon, there is ample time before it comes to Netflix as it will premiere first on the cable network. So earliest we can expect a 2022 release.

Dirty John Season 3

Dirty John Season 3 Cast:

The show’s structure is such that it brings in a new story every season along with a different period of time. So as per our speculations, we assume new faces may be joining the cast. But we hope the cast, including Eric Bana, Connie Britton, Amanda Peet, Christian Slater, and Julia Garner, returns, given how much we have loved them in the show.

Dirty John Season 3: Trailer

Since the show hasn’t been renewed till now, there is no point in expecting a trailer for a considerable amount of time. In case the show is renewed, the trailer will be dropped closer to the release date.

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