Digital Games vs Fidget Spinner – New Study reveals surprising findings

Fidget Spinner was a big thing last year and even now a lot of people consider it as a free-time filler. Yet the frequency of the fidget spinner making into news has come down drastically. A recent study revealed that more than a fidget spinner Smartphone GamingĀ can give more relief from the tension and tiredness from a hectic working day.

A study was done by a Professor from the University of Bath from the UK named Anna Cox got this result. According to the study now published in JMIR Mental Health, people aged between 19 to 36 with a total of 45 participants were grouped into two and given a 15-minute maths test to tire their brain. Right after, each group was given a different method of recreation. The first control group was given a fidget spinner or using the Mindfulness app which is for meditation.

Digital Games vs Fidget Spinner - New Study reveals surprising findings

The second group was asked to play a shape-fitting game. The second team reported feeling more energized after the recreational activity. While the first group reportedly felt worse than before. Their energy level declined visibly.

The second phase of the study included more of a real-life test. The participants were asked to do the same after coming from work all the weekdays for 5 days straight and play the particular game they were allotted. The first group again reported a drop in energy after the mindfulness meditation while the gamers felt energized.

“To protect our long-term health and well-being we need to be able to unwind and recuperate after work. Our study suggests playing digital games can be an effective way to do this,” concluded the study head author Emily Collins from the University of Bath. They noticed that the gamers got four levels of post-work recovery criteria met. They appear to be relaxed, mastering a new skill, felt highly focused and felt in control.

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