Did the Uppal Metro Station developed dangerous cracks on its body? How true is the viral images on social media ?

In Hyderabad, Telangana, the Uppal station can be seen with some serious cracks on its body. This is definitely a matter of concern because a few days back, Ameerpet Metro Station dropped on a lady and took away her life immediately. So, there are full possibilities that similar dangerous incident might take place again.

The cracks developed on the Uppal station are quite large and dangerous. But the good thing is that they have drawn the attention of the public and so the people are aware of it. Now, it is time for the government of the state to take quick measures so as to get the cracks repaired as soon as possible.

The reason that is being known for the development of these cracks is the use of low-quality materials in the building. No doubt, the engineers who had constructed this building would have knowledge regarding when to check the building again as everything has an expiry date. So, the question arises that whether the building has not been checked or has there been some scam in the materials used?

Because even if a small piece of concrete falls on the head of a person, it will make him suffer from dangerous injuries such as serious brain damage and paralysis or the person may even die at the moment.

Since it is a newly made structure, precautions should be taken by the state government as this is really a very serious matter which can threaten the lives of several people not only outside the station but even inside the metro.

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