Dexter Season 9 Release Date: All Details You Need To Know

When season 8 ended with a not-so-great ending in 2013, the audience was disappointed because the show had ended. Well, much to the excitement of the fans, the show is coming back for season 9. Yes, you heard it right! Dexter, one of the most beloved fictional characters, will be back.

Season 9 Teaser Released:

Showtime released a small teaser of the upcoming season. Here, Dexter’s look is different. He is clean shaved but is still living in the woods inside a cabin. The scene opens in a snowy-frosty mood with a fire burning in the background.

The back of Dexter can be seen as the camera zooms out. His reflection is falling on the window. Right there, in the bottom of the corner, one can see another reflection of someone wrapped up in plastic, with duct tape covering the person’s mouth.

Dexter Season 9

The Production and Filming:

Reportedly, the production had started in February this year. It is expected to be wrapped up in July. If the shooting process goes accordingly, the season might likely get its release this autumn for the audience’s spectacle.

The Cast:

Besides Michael C. Hall, Clancy Brown will play the character of Kurt Caldwell, the lead antagonist. Julia Jones will be seen playing the role of Angela, the chief cop, and David Magidoff will be playing the role of Teddy, an introvert cop new to the town. Jamie Chung, Oscar Wahlberg, Jack Scott, and Alano Miller will also be seen this season!

Most Anticipated portion: The Plot

The audience will witness a time leap, and this season will begin after many years had passed away. This season will show what all happened to Dexter after he was seen leaving the city of Miami at the end of season 8 to live alone as a lumberjack in a small town in New York City.