Dave Season 2: How the ending made it complex


Dave Season 2 Updates: Dave is the series by David Burd and Jeff Schaffer which primarily focuses on the life of a rapper who was a comedian and how he believes that he was meant to be a great rapper. And how funnily he manages his stardom life and ordinary life among people.

The T.V. show is GREAT but hopefully, they can at least make more than 1 or 2 series but due to certain times, those might have to wait. I would at least like 5 to maybe 10 series if possible for them, but otherwise, it’s GREAT funny serious at some points and right in the middle of both funny and serious.

From spending moments crying laughing to others crying because of how spot on the show approaches mental illnesses like one I suffer with, I was completely blown away by Dave’s work. But for some people, the ending doesn’t connect them to show emotionally because the end was kind of kid humor and was depicted disgustingly.

The audience found it unnatural acts and unfunny punchlines make the show no more than youtube videos that he makes himself and highly overrated for a standard tv show.

Dave Season 2 Ending

Dave Season 2

The show has some amazing cast David Burd (Lil Dicky), Taylor Misiak, GaTa Andrew Santino, Travis Bennett, Christine Ko, and many more guest entries like Doja Cat, Kendall Jenner, Lil Nas, and many more other celebrities.

The mixed reactions for this among the audience give show majorly a bad reviews audience says that the dark comedy was forced in the show and it wasn’t required for the scene and although the first season was fine 2nd season was felt forced comedy and it all character were cracking jokes even the one who was shown serious in the previous season.

Although the show mainly focuses on music so the show has some good songs and the rhyming of Lil Dicky was just enough to make us laugh. The show has Henry Kwapis, Jack Karaszewski, Jasper Harris.

And Lil Dicky itself has given the voice to the theme song of the show which was a cool move from the creators. But in the 2nd season ultimately character’s performance displeased the audience so it might not get renewed for another season.


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