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Danniella Westbrook shows off dramatic new look after getting botox and lips fillers

Danniella Westbrook has given fans a glimpse of her “evening face” after splashing out on botox and fillers.

As she shared her makeover plans with fans, the actress uploaded a series videos to her Instagram Story.

Danniella (47) was seen lying down on her bed, with a smoothing effect applied, as she spoke to her followers about her plans for her hair.

The clips, captioned “Westie’s evening face,” gave off a relaxed vibe while the former EastEnders star relaxed at home.

She said: “Absolutely shattered today, I didn’t manage to get my haircut as you can see. I’m going to go tomorrow to get a bob to there (pointing to her shoulder).

Daniella Westbrook on Instagram
Daniella was relaxing in bed as she took to her Instagram

“A Great Gatsby-style bob and really go short. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m growing all my colour out and I’m going to go grey, I think.

“I’ve been inspired by a few of my friends that are already grey. I thought I’d give it a go — I’ll probably be a different colour by Christmas.”

Danniella has been working on her appearance a lot of late after she had a first-line surgery to begin restructuring her face.

She had to have her jaw rebuilt after the bone began to erode due to her osteoporosis.

Daniella Westbrook on Instagram
Daniella shared her plans for her hair with her followers

The star was diagnosed with the degenerative bone disease due to excessive cocaine use.

She wrote on Instagram at the time: “Stage one of the four-part journey of reconstructive surgery to rebuild my face and finally stop all the hate.”

She then accentuated the work further with the addition of aesthetic products botox and lip filler.

Danniella was worried about the swelling at first, as she felt that it had caused more damage than good to her appearance. However, she quickly realized that she was panicking.

Daniella Westbrook on Instagram
Daniella is looking forward to more facial procedures

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She posted: “I can’t lie 24/48hours after my Russian lips and fillers and Botox I was so swollen I thought I was going to burst.

“The poor team @knightsbridgeaesthetics8 must of been sick of me asking is this normal!!

“Now five days on I’m so happy with the results. Thanks guys you are amazing at what you do… #amazing #happy #selflove #youdoyou.”

Danniella – who shot to fame in 1990 when she starred as EastEnders character Sam Mitchell – has previously admitted to feeling she didn’t even look like herself anymore and that her cheekbone was “wasting away” and that she had “screws” in her mouth instead of teeth.

She said: “I just don’t look like myself anymore. Obviously I’m going to age a lot faster anyway because of the drugs, but I didn’t need this as well.”

Danniella Westbrook shows off dramatic new look after getting botox and lips fillers
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