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Dad-to-be shoots three baby shower guests during argument over presents

A US father-to-be shot three guests at a baby shower following a ‘family argument’ over gifts in Pennsylvania.

Isiah J. Hampton, 25, was slapped by an unidentified woman when he became abusive when asked about transporting the expectant mother’s gifts, Lower Burrell police said.

The woman hit Hampton across the face after Hampton became abusive at Lower Burrell’s Kinloch Fire Hall on Saturday.

Three men intervened and tackle Hampton to death.

Hampton fell to the floor and pulled out a 9mm handgun. Guests tried to wrestle the gun away from Hampton.

Kinloch Fire Hall
Hampton shot three people at the Kinloch Fire Hall (pictured) before leaving with the expectant mother

According to TribLive, the criminal complaint showed three victims who were injured during the incident.

A 23-year old man, a 19 year-old woman, and a 16-yearold boy were the victims.

One victim was hit in his torso while the other was shot in her leg. The boy was also shot in both the buttocks and the woman.

He shot first the man in his torso, then the teenage victim.

Police claimed that Hampton was not the victim of the argument and that the bullet did in fact go to her leg.

Emergency services
The victims of the shooting are a 23-year-old man, a 19-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy

The third person was reportedly shot unintentionally as the gun went off as guests wrestled the gun from him.

Two victims were taken by Allegheny General Hospital to Pittsburgh, while the third was transferred to Forbes Hospital in Monroeville.

John Marhefka of Lower Burrell police stated that the injuries were not life-threatening.

Guests were eventually able to remove the gun from Hampton’s grasp and placed it on a bar.

Police Chief John Marhefka
Lower Burrell police Chief John Marhefka said Hampton was had the weapon wrestled from him by guests

Chief Marhefka said Hampton was caught within minutes and he surrendered without incident.

Hampton was seen leaving the premises with his mother, the unborn child’s mother.

Hampton has been charged by Lower Burrell Police with two counts of Aggravated Assault and one count for recklessly endangering a person.

Hampton was brought before Unity District Judge Michael Mahady via video on Sunday morning. Hampton remains in Westmoreland County Prison under a $250,000 bail.

Dad-to-be shoots three baby shower guests during argument over presents
The three victims were all taken to hospital with none suffering life threatening injuries, according to police

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His next court appearance is scheduled for September 28.

Dad-to-be shoots three baby shower guests during argument over presents
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