‘Cowboy Bebop’ Performance On Netflix? – All Stats Compiled

cowboy bebop netflix viewing figures

Cowboy Bebop – Picture: Netflix

Cowboy Bebop is now out on Netflix across the world but how well is it performing on Netflix? We’re compiling all the stats we have across multiple sources right here on What’s on Netflix. 

Released on November 17th, Cowboy Bebop is the brand new live-action series adapted from the popular anime series.

Netflix Top 10 Data for Cowboy Bebop

Netflix’s top 10s provide us a daily look at what’s trending on Netflix. They’re split into multiple categories but the two that apply to Cowboy Bebop include “Netflix Overall Top 10” and “Netflix TV Top 10”. Overall includes both movies and TV shows whereas the TV top 10 is just limited to TV shows.

This data is kindly provided by FlixPatrol and is correct as of December 8th, 2021.

Days in Overall Top 10s

Country Days in Overall Top 10
Finland 13
France 13
Germany 13
Australia 12
Austria 12
Canada 12
New Zealand 12
Norway 12
Sweden 12
Switzerland 12
United Kingdom 12
United States 12
Czech Republic 11
Denmark 11
Slovakia 11
Romania 8
Italy 7
South Africa 7
Belgium 6
Ireland 6
Netherlands 6
Poland 6
Singapore 5
Brazil 4
Japan 4
Turkey 4
India 3
Portugal 3

Netflix TV Top 10s

Country Days in TV Top 10s
Australia 18
Estonia 18
Hungary 18
Iceland 18
New Zealand 18
Russia 18
Ukraine 18
United States 18
Finland 17
Bulgaria 16
France 16
Bahamas 15
Czech Republic 15
Austria 14
Canada 14
Germany 14
Norway 14
Switzerland 14
United Kingdom 14
Denmark 13
Latvia 13
Luxembourg 13
Slovakia 13
Slovenia 13
Sweden 13
Belgium 12
Cyprus 12
Greece 12
Israel 12
Italy 12
Lithuania 12
Mauritius 12
Nigeria 12
Poland 12
Romania 12
Serbia 12
Singapore 12
South Africa 12
Trinidad and Tobago 12
Turkey 12
Croatia 11
Jamaica 11
Kenya 11
Netherlands 11
Pakistan 10
Thailand 10
United Arab Emirates 10
Bahrain 9
Indonesia 9
Malaysia 9
Maldives 9
Malta 9
Qatar 9
Bangladesh 8
Brazil 8
India 8
Portugal 8
Spain 8
Ireland 7
Kuwait 7
Philippines 7
Sri Lanka 7
Dominican Republic 6
Hong-Kong 6
Uruguay 6
Egypt 5
Japan 5
Morocco 5
Oman 5
Jordan 4
Saudi Arabia 4
Vietnam 4
Argentina 3
Chile 1

Netflix Hourly Viewing Figures for Cowboy Bebop

Thanks to Netflix’s brand new top 10 site, they release the top 10 hourly viewing figures for four categories every week. Since the release of Cowboy Bebop, the show has been featured each week.

As of December 8th, we’ve got three weeks of data so far where the show has picked up 73,840,000 hours but it’s worth noting that on its current trajectory, the show is unlikely to feature in the top 10s for a fourth week.

The show notably launched several days within the November 14th to 21st week on November 19th.

Week 2 was the first full week the show was on Netflix and in week 3 the show faced a 59 percent drop.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Weeks in Top 10
November 28th, 2021 to December 5th, 2021 15,260,000 3
November 21st, 2021 to November 28th, 2021 36,950,000 2
November 14th, 2021 to November 21st, 2021 21,630,000 1

IMDb MovieMeter

IMDb is the biggest movie search engine on the planet where you can view information and read reviews on shows and movies. With its huge audience, we can tell a shows popularity based on the moviemeter which tracks traffic to individual shows and movie pages.

The show managed to peak on the movie meter chart between November 21st and November 28th (the week following the launch) but slumped down to position 10 the week following.

imdb movie meter cowboy bebop

IMDb Movie Meter for Cowboy Bebop

Some of the stars of Cowboy Bebop have also rocketed up the StarMeter’s including most notably Daniella Pineda who was number 2 as of December 7th and Elena Satine who rose to number 3.

SambaTV Viewing Statistic for Cowboy Bebop

TV data analytics and software company SambaTV announced a viewing stat for Cowboy Bebop for its first week. Unfortunately, SambaTV data is relatively hard to compare given they often announce stats for different time periods (ie first day, first weekend, first 5 days, first 6 days, and first week).

According to their data 981k US households watched the series premiere of Netflix’s live-action in its first week streaming (November 19th through 25th, 2021.)

In addition, they state that Portland, OR and Seattle were two states that seemed to watch the show more than other locations in the US.

samba tv cowboy bebop

Additional Statistics for Cowboy Bebop

Google Trends

Google Trends wasn’t particularly insightful but does give as an idea as to where the show is resonating the most. Here are the top regions as of December 7th, 2021:

  • United States – 100
  • New Zealand – 85
  • Canada – 75
  • Australia – 64
  • Puerto Rico – 61
  • Chile – 51
  • Singapore – 44
  • Philippines – 42
  • United Kingdom – 42
  • Ireland – 40

We’ll update this over time to reflect changing viewing figures for Cowboy Bebop.


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